So you want to sponsor my blog? Excellent!
If you have consulted my "About this blog" page or have read any of my posts, you would know that I am a working goth mom, therefore, most of my readers either have children, are goth parents like me or they are simply goth people interested in my posts.

If you have a product (goth brand, media, clothing, makeup, etc.) that you feel that my readers can benefit from, then please e-mail me.

If you want ad space, I can provide you with that as well.

If you want me to physically try out a product and do an honest review, that is also possible.

Please e-mail me so we can discuss fees and to let me know how I can assist you.

Thank you for your interest!

In addition, I will NOT do posts for free in return for "exposure" and I will NOT be using my child in any sponsored content as he is not old enough to consent.  I will be more than happy to place ads for children's products on my sidebar but will not make any profit off of my kid!


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