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Queen of Darkness


Other goth/alt blogs I like to read:
(in no particular order)

Mary Bart at Mourning Glory Designs

Kakuidori at Just Keep Brains

Karolina at Bones and Lilies

Mindless at Mindless Indulgence

Yvonne at Winter Moon

Lesthi - Lesthi's Gothworld

Lucretia - Lucretia's Reflection

Laura Morrigan - Roses and Vellum

Appy - Appy talk

Jade - Daughter of a Jaded Era

Jessica Cangiano - Chronically Vintage

Sarah Harrington - Tales from the Geordie Goth

1666X30 - Mutant Stomp Friends

Mary Rose - The Every day Goth

Goth Gardening

Megan Kyla - Coffin Kitsch

Bane - GIY (Goth It Yourself)

Madame Mari Morten 

MK - Little Cabinet Of Curiosities

Jen and Steph - Betties N Brimstone

Dasia Denise - Gothic Soul Flower

Aji La Strange - Café Lastrange

Amaranth Ine - Mama Goth

Mia Amethyst - Nocturnal Soul  

Dale Ann & Jerry Carson - Cruisin' Carsons

Holly Elise - Night Blooming 'Ohana

Ra -

If I have forgotten anyone, I sincerely apologize, it was not an intentional error,  please email me @ to be added or you can go to my Facebook page to message me there!

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