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The purpose of this blog? It's simple! To write what I am passionate about: the Goth subculture. I know there are many, many blogs on this subject but I decided to give it a little twist. Instead of mainly posting about fashion or music, I also will be writing about my life, as a thirty something goth chick who works in an office, is married, who is geeky and has a kid. I want to write about my family and about the occasional comments I receive from people when I am out in public with my son. I want to show people just because we dress a certain way, it doesn't mean we cannot be "normal every day people". We just do it with a twist in a Morticia Addams sort of way!

I also want my readers, whether they are cute little baby bats just starting out in the scene, elder goths, parents like myself, or just regular non-goth folk to see or even relate to the fact that sometimes, this isn't a phase we grow out of! We are sometimes the people who do your taxes, the guy who always wears that pin-stripped suit and darkly colored dress shirts at the bank. We are every where! Some goth people are more blatantly obvious than others with their appearance and sometimes we are more toned down. We could be your neighbor next door. Shocking, I know! It doesn't mean that I have a kid or work a job I cannot be who I am am and enjoy the things I like. So many people solely identify themselves on being a parent or by their career choice. I personally like to think that life is too short to put yourself in one little category. You can be who you are too.

I want to write about my job and how I stay true to myself and work, as a receptionist no less, in a busy office. Keep in mind though, I do work in the fashion industry that usually caters to the younger crowd so I can get a way with more than I did when I was working in a more corporate environment. I still try to tone down though. There are still rules: no ripped clothing, no corsets and no skulls.

That being said, my main goal is to just write and enjoy myself. If I entertain you, make you laugh or even make new friends, lucky me!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I appreciate this blog, especially right now as a thirty-something coming back to my gothy self after too many years being "normal." Keep up the good work!



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