Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rumours of a Forever Knight movie

Growing up in the nineties, I would sometimes watch  a Canadian TV show called Forever Knight. The premise of the TV show was about an 800 year old vampire who was trying to redeem himself by working the night shift in Toronto, Ontario as a homicide detective.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear rumblings of a movie based off of this TV show!

Cos-player, Zack Taylor is rumoured to star as the main character, Nick Knight.


It is nice to see the return of REAL vampires in pop culture and the sparkly variety are being forgotten.

And for those curious, here is the Youtube opening for the TV show and yes, I have also seen full episodes available to watch!


  1. Well, I was in Canada in the 90s and I manage to miss that show somehow! Never heard of it but good luck to the movie!

  2. That sounds pretty cool. I've also heard rumours of a series based on Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles which I'd definitely be happy about.



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