Thursday, May 4, 2017

A storm and a burnt marshmallow

Sometime ago, the husband and I made a very personal decision to not have any more children. I was OK with that because I have my hands full with Philip but part of me was also saddened by it. I felt like I missed out a lot because I didn't have a natural birth and I was unable to breastfeed. Another reason for this difficult choice was the fact that it was a miracle that my son as well as myself survived child birth and I don't want to risk putting my health, as well as any future child's health in jeopardy. It was a heart wrenching decision to make but today, I am content with having one child.

Last December, my cat Pippin died. He was my best friend and it hit me hard. Even today, I don't want another cat because I feel that it will only take Pippin's place. I am just not ready.

I wanted a dog for a very long time and even made adopting one part of my personal goals this year. I did this because I felt like it was time. My son is old enough where he wouldn't mishandle a fragile puppy. I want to take care of something and while I may not have a human baby to take care of, I can at least take care of the furry kind instead. This will be my new "baby"

The week before I decided to adopt, I was a bundle of nerves. What if the dog isn't trained? Do I crate train? What if the dog doesn't like the crate and I bought one for nothing? What do I need to buy? I wanted to get everything settled before I brought the dog home. I read a lot about puppy training and got so excited.

So without further Storm!

**Harry Potter must not go to Hogwarts this year! I think I should have named her Dobby, of well too late! **

*We named her Storm due to her grey and white colour . She is a purebred Chihuahua. and a very sweet, smart Pup*

She is only 2 months old and it is a new adventure for us. Especially for my husband. You see, I call Jay a Stick In The Mud. The perfect way to describe him is to compare him to a burnt marshmallow. In fact, this is one of the many reasons why I fell for him. He can have a rough exterior but deep down inside, he is all gooey and a big mush. Jay is NOT a dog person. In fact, when I first met him in high school, I had a German shepherd/husky mix. We disliked each other and whenever I would run into him while walking my dog (our folks live in walking distance from each other) I would purposely go near him, just to watch him squirm and cross the street!  Obviously, a smaller breed is preferable for us.

Jay made it adamantly clear that if we were to get a dog, it would be mine and Philip's. He would make sure it had food and water but he wouldn't feel any affection for it because he hates dogs. I smiled and knew deep down, there was a very strong possibility that he would change his mind.

I thought it would take several days, maybe weeks before Jay got attached. It took only 2 hours. You see, we kept Storm downstairs as it is safer for her and it gives the cat, Merry time to adjust since she can stay upstairs. The first night for a new puppy who has recently been taken away from her parents and siblings can be very daunting. She cried and whined. Jay was the one who went down there, after exclaiming that he couldn't believe that he got attached to MY fucking dog no less! He slept on the couch with the dog curled up on his chest.

Life is good and I am looking forward to training her. The three of us are super happy. The cat on the other hand, is unsure but she is used to other animals. We will give her time and plenty of affection too. She too will come around. One burnt marshmallow at a time!


  1. Aww, that last picture is just adorable ♥ I never had a natural birth neither,and could not be any happier about that ;D

  2. Awwwwww, so cute! Sounds like she has everyone wrapped around her little paw already! Well, except for the cat but I'm sure she'll win Merry over too.

  3. I'm not a dog person either but who could resist that cutie? Your husband sounds like a wonderful person, he let you bring a dog although he didn't like them. I think Storm will satisfy your maternal instincts just fine without having to risk your life for another pregnancy. I hope the cat takes to her as well.

  4. Such a cute puppy, I wish you all the luck in the world with your new family member!



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