Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The troll is coming to get you!

There are times, being a parent opens a whole new world for me. I have an overactive imagination and while this enables me to play with my kid, it can also get me into trouble.

It all started on Saturday night when my husband went to go play D&D with his friends. Philip and I had some one on one time together. We ordered pizza and breadsticks. We gorged ourselves in front of the TV. I introduced him to Beetlejuice and Howard the Duck. He really liked both films!

I tucked him in and was in the mood to watch something Stephen King related and I decided to watch Cat's Eye. Essentially, similar to Creepshow,the movie is really  a bunch of short stories that are interconnected. Cat's Eye follows a story of a stray cat (who looks very similar to my cat, Merry) that travels across several states in the US to help this little girl who keeps appearing to him and asking for his help..

taken from wikipedia

The little girl, portrayed by a very young Drew Barrymore is being attacked in her sleep by this troll-like creature. She tries telling her parents that the troll resembles The Billy Goats Gruff like in her storybook but they obviously don't believe her. Personally, I think the troll is really cute despite it being evil. He tries to steal the little girl's breath in her sleep and the cat is trying to stop it from happening.

Found off of Pinterest.  This is the troll in the movie

I recommend this movie but I must warn you, if you are sensitive, this is not a movie for you as there are some scenes that are quite disturbing. I like to think that I am the type of person that can handle a lot of really messed up scenes and I caught myself flinching a few times. I remember watching this movie on purpose when I first stopped smoking and it helped me to quit!

The movie ended and I realized that I should get to bed.I always expect Jay to come home late from his gaming sessions so I wasn't going to wait up for him. Like every night, I check in to see Philip. I noticed that Merry is curled up on the edge of his bed. She is more Philip's cat than ours and is very protective of him. Thanks to the cat bonding with Philip, I immediately run to her, began petting her and praising her for protecting my child. I think I woke up my kid but that was ok. He slept with me that night. Cute or not, there is no way a bastard troll-like creature is going to smother my kid in his sleep!


  1. Ha ha oh dear this sounds like something that would happen to me!

  2. Sounds like an interesting movie.

  3. Do you know this song? Your post reminded me of it...(: https://youtu.be/ugpfpzGQIco

    It must have been cute though, Merry curled up at Philip's feet^^ And although she probably does that often, I imagine it gets a whole new meaning after watching that movie...Perhaps my imagination is overactive too, because I tend to 'see things' after watching stuff that can affect my mood...:)

    1. I was not familiar with that song but I checked it out. Its amazing!



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