Sunday, December 18, 2016

Saying good-bye to an old friend and office party outfit

Before I begin this post, I would like to mention some sad news. My beloved friend Pippin passed away on Friday. He was a very old cat and my best friend. It has been very hard for me. In true Pippin fashion, he waited for me to leave to go to my work's Christmas party to pass away and my whole weekend has been in mourning. I am very busy with last minute Christmas shopping - which has been a good distraction for me but I wake up in the middle of the night looking for him. I feel like a huge part of me is missing. In a way, I am happy it happened when it did and do think it could have been that much more difficult if it happened over Christmas. It was hard enough to tell Philip and he is still quite young. Let him have his Christmas.  I wrote about Pippin in this post here if you are interested. 

This year, I attended the office party (last year I was sick) so I decided to tone it up a little. After all, my coworkers are used to me and a lot of them tell me that they love my style! I wouldn't recommend this outfit if you are fairly new to the job. I have been at the same place for 5 years, my coworkers are well aware of my quirks by now!

The shirt was purchased at a local goth store that is no longer in existence. I actually bought it a Cruella's when it was closing up. I thought it would make a good office shirt. I also knew right away that this shirt would look amazing with a corset.

Yes, folks, I wore a corset to a company event and not many people noticed until I pointed it out. I didn't want to go too over the top so I left the stompy boots at home and opted for a nice pair of heels. I am wearing my very versatile skirt that seems to go with everything and my spider web tights. It was nice to let my hair down for a bit.


  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of Pippin its sounds very sad

  2. I like your outfit! It looks quite classy, what with the heels and the burgundy blouse to offset the black. Your hair's looking great too with the natural colour.

    Poor old Pippin, may be rest in peace. He's a kitten again now, frolicking forever at the feet of the Cat Goddess Bast.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss!*hugs*

    I think your outfit is absolutely appropriate;You see these lace up and corset blouses and shirts everywhere these days, so I guess real corsets aren't that weird anymore either...:)

  4. I'm sorry for your loss, a cat who accompanied you so long certainly feels like family! And kudos for your brave outfit at the office christmas party! You looked so cute!

  5. I've lost a beloved cat once and I know loss like this can't be moved by others' words of consoling. Take your time to mourn, it's important. And remember that no matter what you believe in - or if you don't believe at all - he never passed away completely.

    ...I'm very sorry to point it out to you, but it seems like you wore your corset upside down D: The loops are on your left side, while they should be on your right, and also the wider part that covers your breasts is meant to cover hips D: And it's an underbust, meaning it shouldn't cover breasts at all D: But I can understand it's more comfortable to be worn your way, it's a common argument among owners of ill-fitting corsets... It just saddens me to see women wearing unflattering, almost rectangular corsets and thinking they don't have the right figure to have a nice waist in a corset - while in reality it's just the garment's fault, not their D:
    But other than that, it's a very nice outfit, which could have easily be a typical elegant outfit if it weren't for the corset - and especially these cobweb tights! They just ruined the perfectly boring elegance and I love it. (I have a feeling it sounds a bit nasty - it's not my intention, I just sometimes don't know how to express myself properly in English :'D)

    1. Haha! I noticed after the pics were taken but it was more comfortable that way. I also covered my breasts on purpose cause my boobs kept poppong out lol. Method to my madness

  6. I am SO sorry about Pippin! I read your earlier "Pippin Post", what a wondrous cat he was, and so gorgeous! He obviously had a wonderful life with you. May Bast and Sekhmet welcome him with honor to the Field of Reeds! (That's ancient Egyptian for "May he rest in peace".)

    Love the outfit; corsets are so NOT my style, but I appreciate them on others, and I love it that you wore it the way it works best for YOU, not just the way it's "supposed" to be worn. Ten extra points on your Goth Card! :-)

  7. You look great! Sorry for your cat! :(

  8. So sorry for your loss. And you look great. :)

  9. You look lovely and very professional!

    So sorry about Pippin!



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