Friday, December 9, 2016

Hate speech and politics

“You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away.” - Doctor Who

I knew the moment Trump was elected that we would be receiving waves of his hate here in Canada. I knew it was only a matter of time where I would be hearing of events happening locally. Everyone seems to think because we live in Canada, have a feminist Prime Minister, and are such a liberal country that we can put our heads in the sand and boast about it. I would like to point out:

A couple of years ago, here in Quebec, we had a leader who tried to enforce ridiculous Language laws, separation from Canada and a Charter of Values in her agenda where government employees would not be allowed to wear any religious headgear or jewellery.. Luckily, she was voted out but I must say, the vote was one out of fear because the majority of my social circle didn't have too much confidence in our new premier.

Before anyone begins to comment that this happened a couple of years ago and this has nothing to do with Trump, I would like to point out the Conservative MP, Kellie Leitch, who recently tried to mirror Quebec's Charter of Values and  to also make Trump's agenda her own. Essentially, part of her agenda would be to screen all immigrants and refugees for "anti Canadian" values. 

The CAQ party leader Francois Legault wants to decrease the the number of immigrants allowed in Quebec and how they should pass a test to be allowed into the Province of Quebec.

Very recently, someone, or a group of individuals posted racist, homophobic flyers with the tag line to "Make Canada Great Again" all over the Mcgill University campus here in Montreal. These flyers also included URLS to white supremacists groups.


Having recently watched WWII documentaries, a lot of things I am hearing in the media today sound eerily familiar to what happened back then. Let's not allow history to repeat itself. These are scary times in deed. It often makes me stop to wonder, what I can do and Lucreita said it best on her blog:

Thank you, Lucretia for your inspiration and not only would I like to regurgitate what you just wrote, I want to write in my own little piece, to step on my own proverbial soap box. Here it is:
I urge you to stand up like Lucretia and say something. This isn't the first time I have written something controversial and I am sure there will be people who disagree with me. I have lost readers before because I stated my opinion and I am fine with that. I got a lot of hate for some of the things I wrote, got labelled a poseur or an elitist and I am still here. I am not afraid. Say what you want, in fact, I am expecting all the "deplorables" to come out. I believe in free speech. Say the venom you want but I will say my part as well: What is happening isn't right and I am not going to sit here and act like hate speech is acceptable.

Also, please don't think because you don't live in the US, this isn't happening on the other side of the fence (or should I write wall?) because it is. We have one world and it takes a whole bunch of people to make a world. Let's forget about borders or countries and unite. We need to add our voice because the people using theirs are not going to stop and are only going to get louder.


  1. You and Lucretia are absolutely right, Sylvie! We have lots of our own homegrown racists and rednecks who are only too eager to step up their hateful agenda now that they are emboldened by what's going on in the USA with Trump. Canadians must be very, VERY vigilant to nip that kind of nonsense right in the bud. It cannot be allowed to flourish or grow.

  2. There is a lot of weird shit going in many parts of the world right now. Just right after I flew away to Crete, my home Poland went flying into weird conservative inferno of absurd and madness powered by religion. First restraining womens' rights which caused massive outrage, recently I heard the politicians want to un-sign the convention on preventing violence against women (what the actual shit???), and there was also something about deporting everyone who doesn't live by Polish values - whatever these might be, but I suppose being an atheist lesbian weirdo puts me into deportation group. All this while telling everyone how Muslim immigrants will destroy us and take our women. So yep. This world goes nuts so hard that it's like the moment when you hit reset on your Sims game and start a new one. Except we can't reset the world...

  3. It kick started with Brexit but it's the side effects of extremist polictal correctNess that's partiality to blame

  4. Well said and nicely put Sylvie.

  5. The world's going loco...the sh*tstorm hasn't reached us yet, but our govenrment doesn't have to knock on someone else's door for funny ideas either...



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