Monday, May 30, 2016

The skirt I got off of E-bay

I thought this skirt was a steal. It was about $10.00 on e-bay! It looked so good in the photos. A couple of weeks later, the skirt arrives. It resembles the photos but I didn't think it was made out of polyester. I try it on and it looks ok. I move it around and whoops! The zipper breaks! Good thing I was at home when it happened!

Alright, I got this skirt from China and it was on e-bay, I get it.  I am on a budget and I couldn't resist it. I thought about how versatile it could be and about all the outfits I could get out of this skirt. I can wear it to work or combine it with a pair of stripy tights or fishnets or something. I also thought it would look nice with one of my corsets and my stompy boots! Oooh the possibilities!

Instead of paying $30 to get it fixed by a seamstress, I called my mom. I told her how nice my husband, Jay was because after I told him my fat arse broke the zipper,  he replied: "it's not your arse dear, it must be a defective zipper." Jay is great like that!

My mom examined the skirt and told me "Jay was right. It was a cheap zipper, Sylvie" and I felt a lot better. My mom had no more black zippers but she went to the local fabric store and got me a good quality one that cost her a whopping $1.50! My mom put the zipper on for me and we were good to go. In fact, I wore this skirt all day and the zipper held! Hooray! I could lace the skirt up tighter if I wanted but I was paranoid of the zipper breaking again. Can you blame me?

This is what I wore to work today and I wore heels. I walked a lot. My feet were screaming but the platform sandals are so cute. Yes, the torture I put myself through and the sad thing is, I would do it again for the sake of fashion because I am a nutter like that! :

Saturday, May 28, 2016

May Monster Madness: Whovian edition

May Monster Madness 2016

I originally thought of posting about vampires or werewolves but I wanted to do something that leaned a little more towards my geeky side. Considering I go on and on about Doctor Who all the time,  why not post about the monsters or creatures that we see on the TV show? For those who have zero interest in Doctor who, by all means, skip this post, I wont take it personal.

It was very difficult to narrow down my favourite characters and I narrowed it down to my top 5 list.

(1) The Silence - These human-like creatures are seen in the nu-who universe and not in the original, classic Doctor who episodes. The Silence are really from a religious order from the same name and their appearance was inspired by Edvard Munch's painting, The Scream. They remind me of The Gentleman from an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. These creatures are apparently the scariest Doctor Who villains of all time. They are only perceived while you are viewing them but the moment you turn away, they are forgotten. These creatures invoke our fears of forgetting and possibly the tyranny and fanaticism of religion.

This is where I got the image
The Scream - image found here

(2) Cybermen - These creatures can be seen in both classic and nu-who episodes. Once human, they are now part of an artificial intelligence hivemind that have certain sense of routine and protocols. Depending on the cyberman or "upgrade" some have the ability of free will, although this is an extremely rare case. They had all traces of human emotion removed from them and are more machines programmed to kill or upgrade other humanoids into cybermen like themselves. These can reflect our own fears of losing our humanity.
This is where I got the image

Classic Cyberman - Image found here

(3) The Daleks- Are an extraterrestrial race who see themselves as the superior race and their main goal, which is a common catch-phrase in Pop culture is to "exterminate" every other race in the universe. These creatures are scary because they were inspired by real life Nazis.

This is where I got the image

(4) The Empty Child - Not a villain but a little boy that was hit and supposed to be killed by a fallen meteorite during the London Blitz. This particular episode still scares me today. Essentially, it is a little boy, living but dead inside, unable to understand typical nuances. A perfect example is the earlier fear of a changeling where a human child is replaced by something that looks like your child but is not. It is the fear of having your child just out of reach and unable to touch or connect like you would with your real child. This episode terrifies me but touches me on so many levels. The real fear, despite the gas mask is the fact that the child sees you as a stranger. For a parent, this is absolutely terrifying! This child wanders the streets of London searching for his mummy. In fact, through out the episode, the child can control the radio and telephone via telekinetic powers and you hear his voice on these devices asking "are you my mummy?" If this boy touches you, you turn into a walking shell of a human being. Your face turns into a gas mask similar to the boy's (your face IS the gas mask) and you too begin searching for your mummy without really understand what a mummy is. You have no real idea what that bond entails.

 I have a funny story about this. After watching the episode, I went to sleep. I have a little blonde boy called Philip that sounds like same little boy, The Empty Child portrayed on the TV show. In the middle of the night, Philip ventured into my room, standing next to my bed, chanting "Mooooommmy. Moooooommmmmy" just like that little boy did on TV. I woke up and screamed and screamed and screamed while my poor son just stood there bawling his eyes out! Some time later, around Halloween, we purchased Philip a costume. He picked out the Transformers Bumblebee costume that comes with a mask. My husband Jay, thought it would be funny to ask Philip to wear the mask, go down in the kitchen where my niece and I were chatting to ask us "are you my, mummy?" We almost had a heart attack! This episode pulled on my heartstrings as well as terrified me.

(5) The Weeping Angels - By far, in my opinion, the scariest villains in the who-verse. As a goth, I remember admiring the beautiful angel statues that are often seen in cemeteries.  After watching Doctor Who, I cannot look at them the same way again. Well, technically, I should be looking at them and not blinking. You see, these are not ordinary statues. Whenever you blink, they come alive and try to get you. If these beings touch you, you are transported to another time and you are stuck there to live out the rest of your days. In addition, they feed off of that time energy and they are always hungry. If you come across the beautiful statuettes, remember, don't blink, don't turn your back and run as fast as you can.

When you are looking - image source

When you blink or look away - image source

*Now you are looking upon an image of a weeping angel, it has now become an actual weeping angel. Don't blink!*

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank everyone involved in this blogging event as well as for allowing me to have the opportunity to further explore some of my favourite Doctor Who characters. I could write about them forever and it was hard to narrow down my list to my top 5.  Thanks for reading and for allowing me to let my geek flag fly!

Friday, May 27, 2016

New hair

Last weekend, I got my hair cut. I did this because I noticed that my neck and shoulder pain was getting much worse despite going to physiotherapy once a week. I remember how the pain vanished after cutting my long locks last summer. I was hopeful that cutting my hair short this time around would help with the pain once again and it did! The weather is getting warmer and warmer here and having long, thick hair is not the best solution either so the decision to cut was an easy one. Here are some before and after pics!

These photos were taken the day after. After I washed my hair. The stylist is a sweet lady who insisted on straightening my hair for me because she thought it would be fun. I like the natural waves in my hair, thank you very much but I let her do it anyways. It's nice having someone play in your hair! I originally thought it would be a fun change but I really did not like the end result. In fact, I came home and commented that I looked like Dora The Explorer and vowed to never allow her to straighten my hair again! No there are no pictures and I am so grateful for that!

Off topic but a reminder to stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post where I will be participating in the May Monster Madness event.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What to do if you suspect your child is being bullied at school

If you read this blog, then you would know that I strongly felt that my son, Philip was being bullied at his school by this particular boy. I have learned so much about the school system this year and would like to share my experiences as a parent. If any other parents who have dealt with something similar would like to chime in, please do so!

(1) Communicate with the school - I originally failed to do this and it was by far the biggest mistake I have made. As a result, the situation spiralled out of control and what could have potentially been addressed months ago, escalated into something else. The day your child complains, I recommend addressing these concerns with his teacher and if you don't feel confident about how the teacher is going about the situation for whatever the reason, the principal or vice-principal would be the next step. In today's world, many parents like me fear being the dreaded helicopter parent. Don't be. A helicopter parent is someone who hovers over their child and wants to know EVERYTHING about their daily life. A concerned parent calls the school or communicates with the teacher when he/she feels that something is up. If I would have communicated my concerns a lot sooner, perhaps this situation wouldn't have escalated as quickly as it did.

Also, by communicating with the school, they have put me in touch with resources to help Philip! The more help, the better because at the end of the day, I am a mom, not a therapist. I can only do so much.

(2) Again with communicating with the school -  I work. Philip attends the morning and after school program (school daycare) and I addressed my concerns with them. While the other boy does not attend the school daycare, Philip does and they look out for him whenever they can. The school daycare also offered me  tons of support. By communicating my concerns with school officials, I felt better because these people understand these sort of situations a lot better than you think. Not only they have offered words of encouragement but they offered some help. A friendly ear for your child to vent to is a very valuable thing!

(3) Volunteer at the school - Some time ago, I had the opportunity to volunteer my time at the school. I know it is hard to balance work and personal life but sometimes family does come first. I felt like an annoying parent by coming into class and seeing Philip's daily life but I got to see his bully up close and personal. I realized by this kid's behavior he wasn't actually a bully per se but more of a really confused kid. He doesn't tease the other kids but definitely gets into their personal space. It is like he has no social cues or concept of boundaries. I do not know this kid's background and it is none of my business but I felt sorry for him. I originally went in with a negative attitude but as the little boy crept onto my lap and hugged me, I knew he needed a friend and some affection. I also understand Philip's view: The kid is in his personal space and it drives him nuts because he is very introverted. In addition, the child, disrupts class and is constantly doing little things (probably for attention) that irritate Philip. My son does not like "loud people" or people that get into his bubble and this kid gets into everyone's bubble. The little boy desperately wants to be Philip's friend. He even told me so and is confused as to why Philip doesn't want anything to do with him. As means to gain Philip's friendship, he gets more into his personal space and this only pisses him off even more! The other day, Philip told him that he wasn't his friend so the little boy pushed him and well, Philip retaliated!

The school has assured me that Philip and the other boy will not be in the same class next year. Please keep in mind, my little one is 5 and needs is too young to fully understand people yet and is still too young for this to be one of those life lessons on how to deal with clingy people! Also, he lost empathy for the kid because the kid has not respected his personal boundaries either. I understand both sides of the fence but ultimately, I am Philip's mom, I have to be in his corner. I have to admit, Philip has been lashing out at the kid, sometimes for no reason because he is constantly in his face or constantly doing something he shouldn't. I am under the impression that Philip thinks that the teacher is unfair and the kid gets a lot of "passes" which only further fuels his aggression.

I couldn't find a suitable photo or meme to put here but please accept this photo of Philip instead. School logo from his uniform was edited. Sorry, no one needs to know the name of the school my child goes to!

(4) Don't be shy to address your concerns - If you are unhappy with the way a teacher or school officials are handling a situation, communicate with the school and even with other parents. I was shy at first but felt better when I did address some concerns I had. Turns out, my feeling wasn't "just me being over protective" or " thinking that my son was a special snowflake because he is introverted". Looking back, I realize how silly I was because some other parents had the same concerns I did.

(5 & 6) Leave emotions out of it and listen to what the school has to say - You are going to be mad. I knew I was. They really do listen and are very helpful. They were a great source for advice and really did listen to my concerns.

(7) Ask for a copy of the school's anti-bullying policy - you never know how this could help you determine if in fact your child is being bullied or in my case, a separate situation. This may just help you if your child is being bullied and could potentially help you reinforce that policy.

I originally feared that I was going to be labelled a bad mother or helicopter parent but at the end of the day, I looked at the clothing I wore and the tattoos I have and realized, I don't care what people think. I need to do what is best for my son and I did. The situation is far from being over. I mean, how do you tell a lonely 5 year old boy who desperately wants to be friends with another boy to leave him alone? On my end, how do I try to teach empathy to my child where I know there is none left because the other kid makes it really hard for Philip to feel sorry for him? There used to be some empathy but things have changed a lot over the past week  Do I really want to tell Philip that it is ok for the kid to overstep his personal boundaries after he constantly hears us talk about how we cut ties with people for doing the same thing? He needs to know that as his mom, I respect his needs and boundaries BUT he needs to learn to deal with the needy extroverts of the world in a more civil manner. The school feels that he is very young (he is one of the youngest kindergartners there) and reassured me he will grow out of this by next year. I hope he does. I don't like the fact that he takes matters into his own hands and lets his anger get the best of him.

In closing, I would like to thank my friend James for listening to my concerns, as well as for all the advice and reassurance he has given me. I also found this website very useful:

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Death Tag

The lovely Lucretia from Lucretia's reflection tagged me! Thank you, Lucretia!

Here are the questions:

1.  How would you like to die?
2.  What would happen to your blog?
3.  Who will you leave money to?
4.  What happens to your body after you pass?
5.  What do you want your funeral to be like?
6.  What will you miss the most that still exists after death?
7.  How will you want to be remembered?

1.  How would you like to die?
Good question, I don't know. I guess die peacefully in my sleep or by having a sexy vampire drink my blood. I am not ready to go so hopefully, it will be a very long time from now.

 2.  What would happen to your blog?
It would be my own virtual tombstone

 3.  Who will you leave money to?
 If I have any, the obvious answer would be to my offspring!

4.  What happens to your body after you pass?
I would either like to be cremated or to have my ashes in these tree pod things. It is more sustainable that way and I get to turn into a tree after I die. Honestly, I am dead, you can put me in a garbage bag and throw me in the river for all I care, haha!

5.  What do you want your funeral to be like?
I would love to have a huge party. I am serious. Don't cry over me. Celebrate my life in Sylvie fashion. Go to a goth club or binge watch Doctor Who episodes or read a good book. I would love it if people had a huge party and laughed and smiled. To me, death is just another adventure.

This is where I got the image

6.  What will you miss the most that still exists after death?
Some of the people I leave behind, my cats, music, sex and chocolate.

7.  How will you want to be remembered?
 I never gave it much thought but I remember my loved ones who passed on by the memories we shared, the good times we had and the advice they gave me. I would like others to remember me that way.

I am going to tag Aji from Cafe Lastrange. She has a wonderful blog with lots of great posts. I noticed she doesn't have many followers so please head over to her blog. I am sure you will like what you read!

If you would like to participate, go ahead, you will die from all the fun you will have answering these questions!!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

The many uses of a simple maxi dress

Summer has finally arrived over here in my neck of the woods. Temperatures soared and out came my comfortable maxi dress. While I do not necessarily have to cover up my tattoos for my job, you never know how high or low the air conditioner will be and having a little extra on your arms is always useful.

This is what I wore today:

I also wear this to go to the park:
I even wore this to a club with one of my corsets:

 One of my goals for this summer. Get another maxi dress!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cheking in

Taken from Pinterest

Another personal post! Look at me! This week so far has been the week of epiphanies for me. If you have read my Ten Things On What Motherhood Has Taught Me So Far and my What Coming Back To Goth Has Taught Me posts, you would know that being a parent and goth gave me a lot of self-confidence. This post is just an update on that.

I learned that I can be assertive and I learned the magical properties of the word "no." This past week, I have been re-affirming boundaries, turning down "opportunities" and most importantly, I put myself first. The thing is, I said "no" without even realizing it. You can only imagine my surprise later when I came to realize what I had just said. What took months and months of practice, anxiety, and regret for saying "no" came so naturally to me. The best thing of all, I didn't even regret it and didn't even feel anxious about it.

Trust me, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

I used to be victim of psychic vampires. I know, as a goth who loves vampires, trust me, the term sounds cool but it really isn't!  Psychic vampires are people who pretty much steal your energy and vital essence all the time. As a result, I got very sick and it took years of illness to become healthy and full of life again. I really do think my normal years were partly because I was being under constant attack by these fiends! I used to get sick ALL THE TIME! You can see how powerful and effective the word "no" was for me?

This is what I looked like when I was surrounded by psychic vampires. Not very pretty.

In fact, I am not the only one who has been proactive with self preservation. My husband, Jay recently had to turn down a lucrative offer because it entailed too many strings attached. Be careful of the "gifts" people offer to you.If something doesn't feel right, you can walk away. A "gift" or "opportunity" are just polite words for a bribe.

Life is too short to be bogged down. Be responsible to yourself and to the responsible. Don't waste your time on people who don't have any respect for you or for your wellbeing. Do spend time on yourself and with those who matter. Don't neglect the important people in your life because someone is making demands on you. Remember, if you take, make sure you receive too. It is equally important that YOU be that shoulder to cry on and you be present in someone's life. You cannot expect others to be there for you if you, yourself cannot be there for them. It is a two way street.

Taken from my "What Coming Back To Goth Has Taught Me" post. This is my "you got to be kidding me face" I look much better here than I did in that previous photo

As a parent, Philip too is learning personal boundaries which in my personal opinion, is one of the best things I can do as a parent. "No Philip, we cannot play with you. It is cool down time" or when Philip asks to go watch TV alone "yes, Philip, you can watch TV in the room upstairs if you want some time to yourself. You deserve it" - for the record, I do check-in on him to make sure he is not doing something he shouldn't. He is well behaved and I trust him. I even told him once "You don't have to play with that kid if you don't want to." In fact, I even wrote a post about raising an introverted child!

I think that many introverts like me appear to have great difficulties with our personal boundaries and having people respect them despite the large amount of time we spend in our own heads. As an introvert , I feel that it is very important that I respect my need for downtime as well as others around me.

I am a busy person. I work full time, I have a kid, and a life outside of being a "mom" or office worker. The most valuable gift you can give anyone is your time because it is not something you can take back. Life is too short to be surrounded by toxic people. Find people who uplift you and make sure you have something to offer to the table. YOU deserve it. YOU matter.

If I can do it, so can you!

And here is a recent photo of me (Jay accidentally got caught, haha got to love mirrors!!!) with my new Hello Kitty tattoo! See how happy I look (ok minus the fact that I just got a new tattoo) I look healthy and happy because I am! Here is proof

Monday, May 16, 2016

Bullying, hope for the future, Star Wars references and Voltaire! Oh My!

This is a rather personal post today but I wanted to take a moment out and write about some of the goals I have for my son, Philip.

Right now, my son Philip is a little too young but I know one day, he will get older and start noticing the uncool or odd or unpopular kids in class. My secret hope and dream is that he would have enough empathy one day to be friends with these kids and to not make fun of them for their shortcomings, whatever they maybe.

The source of inspiration for this post was this poem that was shared on social media. It was written by a 10 year old autistic boy. It brought tears to my eyes. As a mom, I wanted to take this little boy in my arms, hold him and tell him that he is loved and he is accepted.

Taken off of "Mommy Needs Vodka" Facebook page. According to Mommy Needs Vodka, this poem was written by a 10 year old boy called Benjamin Giroux

After some reflection, I realized that being alternative gives me an advantage with regards to parenting my son. I dress all in black, I have tattoos and piercings. I am well aware that already some people find me odd, I have experienced some disdain from some people in the past, especially from other parents and there is a good chance this kind of prejudice may trickle down to their kids.

In addition, my son was bullied in daycare and in school. He knows what it feels like. This is more of a complicated story that I have posted about a couple of weeks ago. You can click here if you would like to read more.

I am going to get geeky here for a moment but the best way I can describe this is by using a Star Wars reference. You see, I don't always have a positive view when it comes to humanity but I try to use Luke Skywalker as an example. In the Return Of The Jedi, Luke is aware that Darth Vader is his own father and is also made aware of his fate. Luke refuses to kill his father and feels that there must be some other way to redeem his name. Luke manages to turn his father away from the darkside because unlike everyone else, Luke sees that there is still some good in him. When Philip was being bullied, some of the things I told him that his bully may be hurting but just doesn't know how to show it without being mean to other people. Just like how Philip screams when he is angry. A couple of weeks ago, I was at Philip's school and the bully came up to me and hugged me. Normally, my son gets really jealous when I show affection towards other children but he didn't.When I asked Philip why he didn't get angry when his bully came to me for affection, he told me something that made me beam with pride: "I remember what you told me mommy. Maybe he just needs someone to make him feel better and you are the best person for the job because you always make me feel better when I am  sad.He needed a mommy like you"

I admit, Philip still holds grudges and still picks fights with the bully. He can't get over some of the things that have occurred. In some instances, I don't really blame him. On the other hand, Philip does play with the kid when he is being nice. He still found some good in the kid and perhaps I am reading too much into this but I think Philip feels that if he gives the kid positive attention when he is being nice, perhaps the bully would be nicer to other kids? I am proud that he does stand his ground and sticks to his boundaries too. Philip will speak out and intervene when another child is being bullied and he wont let a bully get away with picking on him. I admire that bravery too. In fact, some of the older kids in his school look out for the kindergartners. I can only hope he will continue down this path later on. I originally didn't want to write this post because I didn't want to be that sort of mom who toots her own horn. On the other hand, I could parent all I want. Philip was the one who decided to be proactive in all of this. I only led him in the right direction and I am very proud of how he has handled everything so far. I wanted to take a moment to sing his praises because I am a proud mom.

Speaking of bullies, Voltaire recently did a really great video on the subject. I would like to share it here:

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Dreaded Pop Figurines version 1.3

I am really loving the new Doctor Who Pop Figure launch they did for this year. These are some of my favourite companions!

You will see below a Pop Figure of Capt. Jack. Speaking of good ole Captain Jack, very recently, cctor John Barrowman posted a video on social media teasing his fans that he will be returning to Cardiff in a week and a half for something but he won't tell us what for! Oh! I hope it's Torchwood or Doctor Who related! I really want to know but then I don't want to because...spoilers!

I thought I had a fourth Pop Figurine somewhere... was it another companion?

found off of Google images.

I guess I don't have a forth one to showcase here, my apologies but for some reason, I thought I had another one to show you! Oh well, enjoy these companions instead!

From left to right: Riversong (she even has her gun...pew! pew!) Captain Jack Harkness, and Sarah Jame.

Fun Fact: He wears a belt and suspenders because he literally can't keep his pants on!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Product review Stargazer lipstick

Lately, I have been playing around a lot with makeup and have been trying different techniques, colors (mostly darker shades) and just having fun goofing around on my free time. I like to try new things, to step out of my comfort zone because I was never one of those goths who wore extravagant makeup and usually kept things fairly simple. OK, there is one exception. When I was a baby bat and newly into goth, there was a time,  I looked like a mime on acid and I vowed to never do that again. Yes, I still wear makeup and love wearing makeup but I wont spend a huge amount of time on it. I am a hassle free chick in the makeup department but you will very seldom catch me leaving my home without lipstick on!

I am a huge fan of Stargazer foundation and I had such high expectations after I received the lipsticks I purchased online from them! I recently ordered black glitter #1014 and purple #128. The purple is acceptable for work and was not quite the shade I was looking for. That's ok. I am happy with the color anyways. The black has glitter and well, I was obviously sold on that!

I admit, I was originally going to do a negative review on the lipstick. You see, when I first tried them on, my lips went blackish and/or pink instead of purple! Again, I am not the type of girl who has a lot of  patience when it comes to makeup. I usually just carry lipstick on me when I go out, I re-apply when needed. I do not use lip primer or any other fancy crap. In fact, I never knew lip primer existed until I started watching tutorials and reading blogs! I did purchase a lip brush (after a friend of mine suggested it) thinking it would enable me to apply this on better but I did not get great results.  I noticed that the lipstick would not apply. I am pretty much used to lipstick being smooth, kind of creamy in texture but this one was hard as a rock! How was that going to get onto my lips? What I did do was take the lipstick and rubbed it on my hand several times and it seemed to apply better. Perhaps it needed some warming up? After rubbing it on my hand back and forth several times, I did get better results and the lipstick went on smooth!

I do not know if this is a color stay lipstick but I noticed that it has good staying power.

All in all, I would recommend this product if you are really into makeup and don't mind a little bit of work to get the lipstick on but I prefer something that doesn't give me such a hassle. The glitter on the black lipstick shows up really well (once it does apply) but for lipstick, I think I would stick with my Covergirl or Hard Candy. Who knows maybe one day I will buy the expensive kinds at Sephora! Now that would be living on the edge for me! Ooooh! Seriously, I don't see the point on spending that much money on makeup when I could be buying other random crap like Pop figurines but that's just me. Priorities.

If anyone who has more experience with Stargazer lipstick and has anything productive to comment, please do not be shy. I am welcome to suggestions and would gladly edit this post if there is something useful you think should be added. I am not a makeup expert. I do not plan on being a makeup blogger unless you want tutorials on how to screw up your makeup! I like to experiment and well, if someone finds something useful, why not offer my wisdom and quirks?

Have a good night and remember my eyeliner or lipstick was meant to go on that way!


Black and purple combo!

Got some glitter on my chin. Go me!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Inspirational Mother's Day Gift

Holly from Night Blooming Ohana gave me a very kind hearted nudge last week. My post about not being a typical Mom inspired her to write her own blog post from her point of view. As a result, she inspired me!

In her blog post, Holly wrote: "My septum piercing was actually my Mother's Day present last year... yep, I got stabbed with a needle to celebrate my "mom-ness" :)" and I began to think about the sort of gift I would like to receive myself for mother's day.

Part of my wishlist for 2016 was to get more ink and what better way to celebrate Mother's Day! Seriously, it gives me some downtime AND I get a cool new piece of artwork on my body! Hell yea!

If you read my blog or know me personally, there is a very good chance you would know that I love Hello Kitty. Back when I had to conform, Hello Kitty was always there for me. It was one of the last few facets of my personality I did not hide away from people. Even today, people give me Hello Kitty stuff and I am just so happy to have her in my life! I have been wanting this tattoo for a long time!
We didn't realize that Jay got in the picture. Haha!

Freshly tattooed! I think it was not even 5 minutes old!

1) Buy a pair of Winklepicker boots. 
(2) Buy a coffin purse/backpack 
(3) Buy more long skirts 
(4) Buy some good blazers 
(5) Get more ink - in progress! More to come  
(6) Get my ears and labret (lip) re-pierced
(7)  Buy some more coffin and bat jewellery - I need more!
(8) Bat plushies because who doesn't have enough of those, right?
(9) Get a daith piercing

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Girl With The Skull Shoes

I try to tone down my style while at work but I do know that my office is a little more accepting than most. My tattoos are not an issue. I am not permitted to wear skulls but I do sneak some in from time to time. I got so many compliments from this outfit, no one really noticed the little tiny skulls on my Mary Janes!

I have owned this dress for a few years and every time I wear it, I get compliments! I love how versatile this dress can be. I can tone it up or down, depending on my mood (or how much time I have) and it is super comfortable. I decided to wear this dress with two pairs of tights: one sheer with a good ole pair of fishnets on top.

No skulls here!!!

This is where I got the image!
This weekend is Mother's Day. I want to take advantage of this opportunity to say Happy Mother's day to all my fellow mom readers! Go spoil yourself if you can, I know I will! We deserve it!

Speaking of Mother's Day, I am sure we all can relate to this little video. I think it is an advert but the message behind it is so true.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May The 4th Be With You

Today is one of my favourite days because it is Star Wars day! I did not buy a lot of new Star Wars apparel this year because I usually dress up more than wear casual clothing but it doesn't mean I can't share some love today! I actually borrowed my husband, Jay's  Kylo Ren shirt so I look a little frumpy. I wanted to wear something different than my usual Princess Leia shirt that I normally wear. Jay also commented that I should put my hair up like Leia as well. I knew the buns on the side would get in my way so I changed it up a bit. Philip hates it when I put my hair up but I sort of like it. I used to wear my hair like this when I was younger, except I had an undercut and would put ribbons around the buns. When I first came back to Goth, I used to style my hair like this often. I am so grateful that my work is tolerant towards dress codes. Best job ever!  Do you like Star Wars? What did you think of the new movie?


And look at the cute mug I got.

Happy May the 4th!


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