Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Blogging 101 - 7 things I learned about blogging this year

A year ago, I posted about my blogging style and although I was still a relatively new blogger, I wanted to share some of my insight. This year, I don't think my blogging style changed much but I learned a lot with the fundamentals of the blogging world and I want to share my knowledge.

(1) Do not sell yourself short
This is by far the most valuable and perhaps the most important lesson I learned. I was super stoked when I was approached by a company asking me to write about certain products. Essentially, it was a what kind of items I would like to receive sort of post. Being the beginner (or Noob) that I was, I wrote the post naively thinking it would give my blog exposure. It didn't. I was never linked to their page and well, my readers had to read an advertisement. Incidentally, I would like to take this opportunity and apologize to you, my readers, for doing that. I got no physical product to review in exchange for my time and the kick in the teeth was during Christmas time when  I received another e-mail from the same company. They wanted to thank me for my contribution by offering me a coupon.

For the record,  I am still receiving e-mails from other small businesses asking me to write about their products for nothing in exchange.

I would like to point out, I have no problems doing product reviews on items I purchase for myself. If I like something that someone is doing or making within the Goth community, I will write about it and not expect anything in return. As you know,  I have written these sort of posts in the past and was more than happy to do so. Please don't think I am looking to get freebies because I willingly did an item review.

On the other hand, if someone wants me to write an article for them, the least they could do is give me something in exchange. I am open to sponsors but it would also have to be something that myself and my readers would find useful. Like cool goth clothing or dark stuff for the little ones are a perfect example. I once got an email from a sporting company asking me to rep a bunch of jerseys!Really? Did they not even read my blog or see the title?

With that being said, I have NO problems with people sharing my posts. In fact, I got tons of new readers (even made friends!) that way and it shows me that my writing is appreciated but I will not write an actual advert for free. This does not count as guest posting on another blog, by the way. At one point I was interested in doing but didn't find the time.

Set your limits and boundaries. Do what is best for you and remember, don't sell yourself short!

(2) If you care about your blog stats, Google Analytics is the way to go!
A friend of mine pointed me in this direction. I like reading stats and seeing which posts are well received. It is fun and interesting to see the parts of the world my blog is being read too. Google Analytics gives you more accurate statistical info. I love the Real Time feature where you are able to see who is visiting your blog that very moment!

(3) Writing skills
My mother tongue is English but I learned to read and write in French first. You could say that while I am obviously more comfortable writing in my mother tongue, I am technically writing a second language. I pretty much self-taught myself how to read and write in English although I did get a lot of help from my sister. I learned many faux-pas along the way too, such as: it is should have and not should of.  As a writer, your style constantly evolves and changes .I realize this is the same for me. Sometimes reading my posts out loud helps. I often fear I am not making any sense!

(4) Thick skin
I have been on the receiving end of some rather...ahem...interesting comments. Not everyone is going to agree with me or like what I post about and that is ok too. I guess some people have nothing better to do than to pick my posts apart and take things out of context.

(5) Photography skills

My husband and I are really not pros. Perhaps, eventually, I will get the funding to get a new uber digital camera and will be able to take better photos. I learned a lot already about lighting. I am still not satisfied with my photos but I have learned a few things. Too much light on a certain angle is not good and not enough light is also bad. I like to think I learned how to pose better for the camera and like to think I look less awkward. Taking pictures outdoors is ideal but only during certain times. I do not like Photoshopping my personal features BUT... I do have an app on my Smartphone called Photoshop Express. It helps me put filters and fix the darker photos. I want my readers to get a better view of the outfits I am wearing!  I also use it to sometimes crop out clutter. Here is a tip: use the magic wand thingy located on the top corner. Here is a before and after example:


(6) Friendships
I have made some friends via the blogging community and that is very nice. It is also very comforting to know that when I need fashion advice, I got it! It is so much fun reading other people's blogs and seeing their outfit posts. I often get inspired and am constantly challenging myself to dress up or wear my makeup a certain way. Thank you everyone for having my back and for inspiring me! You guys rock!

(7) Write about something you are enthusiastic/passionate/pissed off about.                    
People are very open to honesty and some of my more popular posts were the ones I was brutally honest about myself. Sometimes a good old fashioned rant makes a good read too! I know sometimes it is hard to bare all online but giving a little bit of personal info about yourself goes a long way. I personally like reading posts where people open up a little bit about their lives and I think a lot of people who read my blog enjoy that about me too.

I want to thank you all for your support during the past year, almost two years of blogging. It has been a fun ride and here's to many more!

I am going to end this post referring you all to Nancy from her Blog Retro Electric who has also covered this topic recently and has some great advice to give on the subject. She has expanded on what I wrote here and I am sure you can benefit from her wisdom.  It was such a great post and I want to  thank you, Nancy! Incidentally, the cool traffic feed on my sidebar, I also thank Nancy for that too! You are awesome!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Born in the wrong decade. Music sporlight: Trisomie 21

Most of my music tastes derives from the eighties. I really do think I was born in the wrong decade because during the eighties, I was a kid in diapers!

I got inspired to feature this band thanks to a friend who shared a video of them on Facebook! The band is called Trisomie 21. This is the French spelling. To spell in English, it would be Trisomy 21 which is also known as Down Syndrome. Aside from this little tidbit, I really don't know much about this band except that it was formed in France and they sound really good!

I was very grateful for my friend sharing the video because I got to relive a fond memory of my baby bat days as a teenager and I want to share with you. I think the year was 1997 or 1998 and I was about 17 years old, perhaps 18. Growing up in Montreal was great because we have so much culture and the local goth scene back then was thriving. We were very fortunate to have a radio show called "Les Mouches Noires" that aired every Tuesday night. I remember staying up to listen to the program. This is right around the time people were only beginning to get the Internet in their homes and a radio program featuring music popular in the goth scene was the way to go! I was poor, didn't own a computer (most households didn't own one back then) and there was no way in hell my mother would allow me to tie up her phone line (remember dial up?) to go on the Internet. Back in my adolescence, the radio show was a perfect source of information for baby bats like me! The DJ would introduce me to new Goth bands and I got to expand my knowledge on the subculture. This was my only way to discover new music aside from going to clubs and friends talking about it.

People would also be able to call in the show with requests and I remember getting all excited whenever a crush or a friend would dedicate a song to me! I used to own a cassette player (remember those?) and would record the songs off of the radio. I learned excellent timing skills that way because it was a real disappointment if I should ever miss the first few seconds of a song. It was a real treat whenever I managed to tape a special song request that was made out to myself or a friend of mine. I remember waking my parents up  by shouting out in excitement and then getting yelled at for "making an ass of myself in the middle of the night." In fact, I wish I still had my cassette collection because I am pretty sure I recorded my mom giving me shit for waking her up!

I remember being enamored with Trisomie 21's song "La Fête Triste" that played on this radio program, which was also my introduction to the band. So tonight Darklings, I impart you with this song.  I hope you feel just as enamored with it as I did those many moons ago and hope you all find some form of nostalgic memories of it from your youth as I just did. Enjoy!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Why I don't smile anymore

"...Thank God I'm pretty
Every skill I ever have will be in question
Every ill that I must suffer merely brought on by myself
Though the cops would come for someone else
I'm blessed
I'm truly privileged to look this good without clothes on
Which only means that when I sing you're jerking off
And when I'm gone you won't remember
Thank God I'm pretty" - Emilie Autumn, Thank God I'm Pretty, Opheliac

In response to two articles I have read over the past two weeks, I am giving my opinion on the matter of human rights and why I think this world still needs feminism/equal rights.

The first article was local and was about how a man would speak up to perverts on the Montreal public transit system. The second article is from the Scary Mommy website and is about how a clerk withheld her purchase from her because she refused to smile at him.  This is what was quoted from the article: “Thirty minutes ago, I stopped in a gas station for some Tylenol and gum. As soon as I walked in, the clerk said, “Hey sweetheart.” When I went to the counter to pay, he said, “You gotta give me a smile if you want this,” and hid my gum away in his hand. “No thanks,” I told him. “I’ll just have the gum.” He didn’t ring up my gum and instead grumbled under his breath and lectured me about having a bad attitude.”

I read some of the commentary on these two articles and like always, I regret doing so. My head hurts. It saddens me because so many people out there think that this kind of behavior is acceptable or even normal. Several people commented that the woman in the Scary Mommy article is overreacting and it would be easier if she just smiled! To some extent, I agree, there is nothing wrong with telling someone to smile or chin up.  Life is too short but in other ways, I think it is presumptuous. You don't know that person's story. They could have just received some bad news, lost their job, etc. Besides, it was unprofessional of the clerk. How hard is it to just ring up the purchase and keep your mouth shut? I work as a receptionist. When I see customers, I smile. Sometimes a smile returns a smile and if it doesn't, well so be it. I would never in a million years tell a customer to smile or refuse them service because they refused to do what I want.

Some people (mostly women) even commented on the article about public transit that they were afraid to speak up while in the middle of these situations (re: unwanted attention while out in public) in fear of retaliation.

Let me get this straight:


- I understand this maybe a broad term here but let me clarify: If someone makes it clear that your advances are unwelcomed, DO NOT try to convince them otherwise. Politely wish the person a good day and move on. Simple! No one owes you anything. No one should have to do something, whether it is a kiss, a touch or a smile or anything with their bodies if they don't want to.

- Do not invade other people's personal space. On purpose and inappropriate rubbing up to/touching someone or undressing them with your eyes (yes, this does happen) is NOT acceptable.  I will give you an example: Several years ago, before I even purchased a car, I was taking public transit in order to get around the city. I was coming home from work. This was during rush hour and obviously the metro was crowded. Think of one of those clown cars or sardines in a can. I felt a hand on my rear end. I originally thought that it was an accident, after all, the metro is crowded. The hand lingers and then starts stroking my behind. Without turning around, I reach over and grabbed the man's arm. I keep a firm grip and in one swift movement, I raised his arm and shouted as loud as I could "hey everyone, look at the pig at the end of the arm! He was grabbing my behind!"

Last summer, a car slowed down next to me. I was scared because I expect the worse when these things happen. I also had my son with me. This jerk thinks it is ok to yell out (remember in front of my kid, no less) that I have "a nice ass and nice tits." Wow, isn't that classy?

We should not have to put up with someone or be nice to someone due to fear or hope they would go away. Why should you invest your time and energy to someone who clearly does not respect your boundaries?

What I would like to see in 2016 is that harassment (let's call a spade a spade here) is no longer the norm. Perhaps we could ALL  take the gentlemen's example here in Montreal. If we see inappropriate behavior, let's call it out. If we are too afraid of doing so in fear of retaliation, that is part of the problem. If I see a woman being harassed, I wouldn't leave her to her own devices but I would talk to her and try to divert the strangers attention away from her. If that doesn't work, I have a big mouth and can talk loud. I will use my voice to be heard. Strength in numbers. Just like what I did in the metro, I would announce to everyone in earshot and beyond just how much the guy is being an ass! In my opinion, ignoring the situation or turning a blind eye is just as bad as the person doing it.

Perhaps not really on the same subject of harassment here but I read another article today but relates to the topic on equal rights. The article is about how actress Gillian Anderson was originally offered half of David Duchovny's salary for the revivial of the X-files show.  I don't really recall much of the show and I never really watched it religiously but seen a couple of episodes. I always viewed Skully as Moulder's equal or partner but it turns out, the people running the show didn't see it as such: "The actress raised the issue when discussing the series’ early years, when studio heads considered her character Dana Scully as merely a sidekick to Fox Mulder." It really makes me angry that these things are STILL happening today.  Why can't men and women be equal? Why should one gender have more power or rights over the other?

So no, I don't smile much anymore unless I really want to. Why should I be obligated to please perfect strangers who do nothing but try to make me feel as it is some great privilege to be hit on by them?  I don't want to smile and I don't want to be hit on. I am most certainly not looking for any casual sexual encounters either. If I make that clear and trust me, I am not afraid in doing so,
then you should get the point and walk away. Do not try to make me feel bad for it. I am I not implying that women sleep with men to get them off their backs  I learned from reading the commentaries that we put up with rude remarks and try to politely brush off the other person in hopes that they would go away. We should not have to deal with that kind of bullshit. As women, we are often made to feel we need to be inviting and to be people pleasers or that we need to keep quiet. We don't. While I cannot speak for men, I can say that I want equal rights and do acknowledge that these sort of things happen to both genders. Unfortunately, I can only speak from my side! It is about time we speak out and fight against it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Silly random thought of the day: No dress codes required!

For the record, this happened to me eons ago and not really applicable in my life today. Some of these situations happened when I came back to goth and some of them happened before I went normal and was fresh out of High School; these are very old stories, indeed! I stumbled upon someone I knew from my past and I was reminded of these events, hence where the inspiration to write this article came from! While this might be taken out of context, I sincerely wish others would find humour in this as I do.A lot of it is tongue and cheek and sometimes sarcasm doesn't always get translated into text very well but here it goes:

Most goths feel that they are not goth enough. We often feel pressured to meet some unattainable standard in order to be considered "goth". We all probably encountered elitism in some form or other and I think a lot of us expect it.

Then there are the non-goth people or normals who know nothing about the subculture (but they like Marilyn Manson so they think they know ALL about us...sigh) and they find ways to try and question our goth cred.

I, unfortunately, knew some of these people. While they are clearly not goth and do not consider themselves part of the subculture, they find things, as trivial as they maybe, to question your validity within the subculture. Out of nowhere, they become experts on being goth. They never dressed the part or went to a club and they have no personal interest in the subculture but they know more about it than you!

I will give you two examples:

The first one is the friend you meet for coffee. You think it is just a cup of coffee, it is not like you plan on going in full club gear. If some of you do, my hat's off to you. For myself, personally, I don't always "dress to impress" for a cup of coffee. If I am not wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I am usually wearing something like this:

Now this is where the comments come out: "you don't really look goth" or "I thought you were going to wear something else" You see where the two extremes meet? I am not goth enough to some people or I am getting the impression that they are embarrassed to be seen with me in public. I am sorry I am not going to try and find a happy medium to please you.  I wear whatever the fuck I want!

In all honesty, these comments annoy me, they don't hurt me. I just roll my eyes and shrug it off. I don't dress to please other people.

This is the second example: You  have that one non-goth friend (we shall call her Jane) who tells ALL her friends about you. Then one day, you meet Jane's friend after work and let's say you work in a job where you have to tone down considerably, your goth cred is immediately questioned. "By the way Jane was talking about you,  I thought you would be more goth than that. You look goth and all but I thought you would be a little more extreme with your look"

I guess we are not expected to have jobs and be "on" all the time. All this because Jane told all her friends about the goth friend she has because you know, it is apparently cool to have a friend who likes weird and spooky things.You are no longer looked at as a human being but as a commodity. Next thing you know, you are being lectured on how to be goth by someone who has zero knowledge on the subculture and they insist on telling you that their views is the only way to go if you REALLY want to be considered goth.  You know, because all your goth friends are poseurs!

Again, it is not so much what others think that gets me, I just think I feel more pressured to be The Queen of Goth more around the normal people than I do around my goth friends!

In the end, my circle of friends obviously diminished but the ones I still associate with, well, we don't care what the other person's wearing. Hell, I even went shopping in my pajamas with one of them! At the end of the day, if you want to meet up with me in jeans and a t-shirt, great. Want to wear a corset? Good for you! You want to dress in sweet Lolita style clothing but afraid of clashing with me? Bah! Who cares, wear the sweet Lolita! I want to admire your outfit! Want to show up with your granny panties on your head? Well gold star for you! You don't need a dress code to be my friend.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Blue Monday

I learned something new today. Did you know that today is Blue Monday? Well, I didn't! Apparently, the third Monday of January is considered Blue Monday. This Holiday was created in the UK because it is apparently the most depressing day of the year. The inspiration for the Holiday came from  some calculations of weather results and debt levels. There was no real research involved and no real basis in science but the idea caught on.

Normally, I would just scoff about it, think the idea is stupid and go about my daily life but I must admit, I feel really bummed out today. I spent too much money at Christmas and my car needed some major repairs. I am not talking about a couple of hundred  dollars here. The bills are coming in and while I was planning to get a tattoo for my birthday next month, I am unsure whether or not that will be possible. I mean, I usually get sick on my birthday but it would suck the big one if I managed to not get sick but not be able to afford some new ink.

I know, I know, these are first world problems and I should be grateful for what I have. I also do realize that tattoos are a luxury. I am just mad over the fact that I am dishing out a lot of money on rent and well the landlady won't do any repairs. I get a panic attack when I do have to deal with her because every time we address an issue, we get blamed for not taking care of the apartment and we get yelled at. I had to hang up on her once. We are planning on moving and the only reason why we have not done so sooner was because we didn't want to make too many changes at one time in Philip's life with him starting kindergarten and all.

So yes, this is indeed a depressing day. All the bills are coming in and I have no fun money. It sucks when you bust your ass at your job and your paycheque is going towards boring stuff. When I was a kid, I wanted so much to be an adult, I thought I could do whatever I wanted! This adult stuff really sucks!

Trying to be positive, I think I looked rather nice today despite being a cry baby! The skirt is a lot of fun because it has pockets! I wore a plain shirt with a sheer one on top and a pair of leggings to keep me warm.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Wishlist update - pretty shiny things!

About a month ago, I posted a wish list of items I would like to purchase. This month, I did not necessarily do any shopping considering I am still broke from Christmas AND I had to put down some serious cash in order to get my car fixed. There is a light at the end of every tunnel so they say and I guess it is true because I had an awesome Friday! This morning, out of the blue, I decided to double check the holes in my ears. I was a little too eager to assume they closed up but after double checking, I realized that I could still wear some earrings. I once had 6 piercings in each ear, I am now down to 3. Not bad, eh? I am still unsure if I will get some more on my ears, aside from a daith piercing (apparently, they can help stop migraines) so who knows? Perhaps I will get the other 3 re-done but only time will tell. I noticed today that the earrings sometimes bother me while I talk on the phone, especially with my headset. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why I let them close up in the first place?

third one is closed but the fourth was good to go, squeeee!

Despite the annoyances and sadness this week had to offer (my car, David Bowie and Alan Rickman dying) I must admit, it ended on a good note. I had to leave really early when my car was at the shop so it was nice to sleep in for a little bit this morning. I not only realized that I can wear earrings, my car was running nicely and I got to listen to Blutengel on my way into the office. I had a nice lunch with some colleagues and my son was well behaved tonight! I guess you could say that it is the little, trivial things that we often overlook that mean the most. It is sad that some very influential people have passed on but we can always help keep their legacies alive. We can pave the way for future generations.
"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring"

My 2016 wish list:

(1) Buy a pair of Winklepicker boots. 
(2) Buy a coffin purse/backpack 
(3) Buy more long skirts 
(4) Buy some good blazers 
(5) Get more ink  
(6) Get my ears and labret (lip) re-pierced
(7)  Buy some more coffin and bat jewellery - I need more!
(8) Bat plushies because who doesn't have enough of those, right?
(9) This is an addition to the list since the last post - get a daith piercing

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First World Corp goth problems: static cling

In the past, I wrote about common corp goth problems which ranged from getting my long skirts stuck in chairs with rollers to falling flat on my face in front of a customer. There is one problem I previously overlooked until today. The problem is called static cling!

The weather here has been very cold, which is expected for January. Like every winter, I suffer from static cling. Unlike previous years, the static has not affected my hair so much (probably due to the fact that I cut it short last summer) but I need to keep this in mind while choosing outfits to wear in the morning. Copious amounts of dryer sheets/fabric softener has not helped my situation. I pretty much gave up, to be honest. Like every winter, I thought I was good to go in the morning until I get to work. It is only when I get my coffee that my skirt is sticking to me. What can I say? I am not a morning person! The other day was no exception when I decided to wear my famous long skirt that got caught in an escalator. It has been trimmed and re-hemmed since the ordeal. I tried a dryer sheet but the skirt loves me so much, it just clings to me. It helps but like a bad rash, the static comes back!

Despite the slight irritation,  I was quite comfy, especially while wearing  my new leopard print hoodie. I actually found it on the "For Sale" rack for a whole whopping $5.00! I am a sucker for leopard print and have been enjoying Coffin Kitsch's outfits over the past few days.

Screw you static!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Are you my mummy?

I am quite pleased with having subscribed to the Science channel and I really enjoy watching a show called "World's Strangest." During one particular episode, we got to explore all sorts of subterranean secrets and you wouldn't believe what they have hidden underground! From chapels carved out of salt in a mine to an underground mansion to what lies beneath New York's Grand Central Station, you would be captivated!  I found a link here that shows part of the show.

My favorite part of the episode was when they talked about the Capuchin monastery's catacombs in Palermo, Italy. These catacombs are well known for their well preserved corpses. In fact, there are over 8000 corpses and 1252 mummies who reside there!  Some bodies are seen laying in coffins, while others line the walls. For the record, this is a tourist attraction and you are able to go visit the mummies!   

This is also the resting place of the catacombs most popular resident, an Italian child mummy named Rosalia Lombardo (AKA Sleeping Beauty.)  This little girl died of Pneumonia in 1920 at only two years old. Her father grieved so much over her death that he sought out embalmer and taxidermist, Alfredo Salafia's aid in order to preserve her remains.

What makes Rosalia so special and stands out is credited to Salafia's supreme embalming techniques.  At first glance, one would think the child was peacefully sleeping and not really a corpse. In fact, x- rays were taken of her internal organs and they were still intact! The only signs of decay is the yellowing of her skin. For many years, people wondered exactly what kind of embalming formula did Salafia use.  It was only until very recently (2009) his memoir was discovered and we learned about his technique.
Photo of Rosalia taken from Wikipedia page

What was not discussed in the episode but after further reading about the child mummy online, I learned that there was a mysterious phenomena surrounding Rosalia. You see, many people have reported seeing the child's eyes open and close shut. Turns out, it was nothing paranormal or mysterious. It was simply temperature changes and the angles of light filtering through a side window that gave the optical illusion. The mummy was also slightly moved and placed into a humidity free coffin.  The new position helps you get a better glimpse of her eyelids. In addition, her eyes were never completely closed to begin with! This is only a testament to Salafia's techniques where after all this time, almost a century later, we can still see her blue eyes!

Friday, January 8, 2016

My most favourite things

This skirt is one of my favourites and I don't ever recall showcasing it here despite owning it for several years! I really like this skirt because I have a love for animal print, it was one of the first articles of clothing I bought when I came back to Goth and it is made from a local Montreal designer called Aeternus Clothing. Today, I combined it with one of my favourite t-shirts (which I am sure some of you have seen in a previous post) and I am quite comfortable for a Friday. A coworker of mine has a bunch of Friday t-shirts and I always look forward to seeing him wear them.  They can range from video game themes, comic book characters or even a favourite movie. I thought it was a good idea and I sometimes wear a fun t-shirt on a Friday too! Do you tone down a little more (or should I say tone it up) on a Friday?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Favourite outfits of 2015

I have seen many bloggers do these posts (ie. Sylwia from VamppiiV and Suski from Desperate Hell) where they posted photos of their favourite outfits they wore in 2015. If I have forgotten anyone who also did a similar post, please contact me (see my contact page) or feel free to comment on this post and I will gladly add you! If I missed you, it was not done on purpose.

I am no where near being a fashion blogger, I like to be versatile in my posts but I must admit, I have fun having my picture taken for outfit posts. In fact, I am even seriously considering saving up to get a better quality camera because I am often disappointed in the quality of my photos! Originally, I wanted to be a fashion blogger to show my work appropriate outfits but I ended up also enjoying the writing aspect of my blog. I do not want to squeeze myself into a tiny niche and want to write or post photos of many things. Sometimes it is something geeky, sometimes it is work related, sometimes it is about my kid or it is an outfit. I like variety in real life and I guess it reflects on my blog!

Looking back at these photos made me realize two things: (1) I should get my hair trimmed because that length looks awesome on me and (2) My style has evolved a lot over the year. I think it is because I have worked at the same place for so long that I am more comfortable with letting my freak flag fly! Try saying that quickly, go on, I dare you: Freak flag fly!

Without further adieu,here are some of my favourite outfits I wore last year:

Seriously, This dress is awesome and I got it from my fellow Blogger, Mary of Mourning Glory Designs. Check out her Etsy store!

 I am putting this one out here because I need to tell myself that I actually look OK in a bathing suit and stop being so self conscious!

 YES! Not a work outfit.

I was being silly here but great outfit!

 Long hair! I often wear this outfit. In fact, I wore the same green bolero top yesterday!

May The 4th Be With You!!!!!!

Breakfast at Tiffany's hat

 When I tried growing out my Bettie bangs. The top laces up in the back

Monday, January 4, 2016

The dreaded Pop figurines version 1.1

I figured it is a new year, I am going to change my title up a bit. I am now at version 1.1! Stay tuned for Version1.2! Don't ask, it's been a long day!

These are some of the presents I received over the Holidays. Here's a shout out to my niece "Lor-Lor" for buying me Eric Draven (The Crow). I can't believe I own this. "Hi Lor-Lor!"

The Crow


Cyberman from Doctor Who.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Year in review 2015

I have seen many bloggers doing a year in review post over the past couple of days and I have decided to jump on the bandwagon (baaaaa)! I must admit, looking back, my year didn't seem so bad. It could have been worst. I did not accomplish everything I wanted but it is nice to be busy.

It was a year full of introspection and personal growth, which is always nice.
All in all, it was a good year. I had a positive attitude and it wasn't as bad as I originally thought. I did not accomplish all my goals but that is ok. One thing at a time.

I want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank all my readers and new friends I have made thanks to this blog. Here's to another year of Little Corp Goth Girl! 

January 2015
  • Started off optimistic. I started exercising and taking better care of myself. For an update, I have lost weight and am in better shape!
  • Again, I am grateful for jumping on the whole "year in review" bandwagon because I noticed that I did a post about my blogging style in January. Upon reflection, I realized that it has not only changed a lot in this past year but I learned so much about the blogging world. Stay tuned for a future post. Perhaps someone out there could benefit from avoiding some of my noobie mistakes.
February - June 2015
  • Like every year on my birthday, I get really sick. I caught a cold from hell and it took almost two months to shake off. Eventually, it turned into bronchitis.
  • I had some issues with the mentally disabled neighbors downstairs. Nothing much happened since.
  • Like most winters, I hibernate and last year, we had a really cold winter! Temperatures plummeted to a -40 c and I remember registering my kid for elementary school in that weather. 
  • I struggled a lot with migraines, especially in the early spring (barometric pressure changes are a trigger) but I found ways to help make them less frequent. I stopped running as it was a trigger and started walking instead. I use my Wii fit whenever the weather is bad. I increased my water intake and found ways to reduce stress. It helps!
  • I started a garden in my backyard and while I was optimistic, the area I originally chose to grow my vegetables had too much shade and not enough sun. I think I got one tomato out of it all! It was a fun, learning process that helped me go outside and get some exercise!

July 2015
  • I started collecting and becoming obsessed with Funko, Pop Figurines!
  •  I cut my long hair to donate to Locks of Love. I love the shorter hair (I was even compared to Lydia Deetz by so many people, how cool is that?) and it felt good to do a nice thing. I am still uncertain whether or not I want to grow my hair long again but we shall see. I have not cut it since.This was not my first time taking the plunge by cutting off long hair.
  • It was not easy but I did two very personal posts. One was about what coming back to goth has taught me and the other one was about my miscarriage. I became very introspective that month and I felt like my daughter, Charlotte  needed to be acknowledged. I also want women who are going through or went through something similar to not feel the same way I once felt. I also wanted to point out that society in general have it all wrong when it comes to grief. It seems like it is brushed under a rug. It was really not easy for me to post about these topics.
  • By acknowledging my daughter, I also did a very heartfelt post about my son, Philip. The knowledge that he will be starting kindergarten in the fall made me look back to his babyhood and I got sentimental. Those were some pretty challenging years but I am very grateful for them!

August 2015
  • I had some epiphanies and made me see myself in a different way. I saw how much I have grown and changed as a mother (see my crunchy mom post here). I also went out and felt beautiful. It is very rare that I see myself in such a light without pointing something negative out. Having a night out also help cement my personal notions that although I am a parent, it is ok to have a life outside of your kids. It is so very rare I do go out due to my chronic migraines or sickness that it was nice to do so.
  • My son officially started kindergarten.

Taken on his first day of school

September - October 2015
  • The first couple of weeks of school were hard on the both of us but we pulled through
  • Halloween was a success.

November - December 2015
  • Philip started walking into school on his own and we survived the busy Holiday season!


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