Monday, June 29, 2015

Another cute work outfit

The skirt is very light so I wear shorts underneath. I learned from my mistakes when I accidentally pulled a Marilyn Monroe the last time I wore it. My son actually helped me to pick out the outfit, in fact he told me to wear my "Skellington shoes" as he calls them. I think they worked out quite nicely. This outfit is perfect for a day like today. It had rained the day before and I was unsure of the temperatures. The sweater kept me warm in the office.  It was comfortable too, which is always nice on a Monday.

Friday, June 26, 2015

From blue to purple

I used up the blue Manic Panic in my hair and I decided it was time for a color change! I re-bleached my two strands and applied the purple Manic Panic I purchased a while back. I am VERY happy with the result. I did re-apply some more color the next day because I think I didn't leave it in long enough the day before. There wasn't enough "oomph" for my liking, I decided to take pictures of the process. So here you go! Warning, pic heavy!

Before it faded out. Remember Manic Panic is semi permanent and it can fade out fast. I wash my hair often which means it washes out quickly!

Before the bleach. A rare pic of me with no makeup. Look how it faded!

The ends are pretty much all washed out.

With bleach in. Stupid glasses were slipping off! I should get those adjusted. I love this pic!

Almost all gone!

Love my expression here! This is the first time I re-did . Not enough oomph!

and the final result!

I hate this shot but I wanted to show you all the spot on my neck. I made sure to keep it well hidden at work! I re-touched my hair this morning when I woke up, before my morning coffee no less! Go me! Now that you know, shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

of growing things

A couple weeks ago, I posted about losing my garden virginity and I am happy to announce that my plants are doing fine and are growing really well! Only one flowering plant died! I think it was not enough water that did it. Here are some photos of my flowers on my front balcony.

the one in the middle kicked the bucket, lol

Two of these have no flowers yet and I am curious to see what grows since I have no clue, The other one is not wilting, there were some dark purple flowers on it. There is new growth .
and here is a close up

It is a lot of fun and it is raining a lot this year so I don't feel guilty when I forget to go water them!
I do have a funny story about watering plants. A couple of days ago, I was on my front balcony watering my flowers when this car slows down. I look over and I see this woman staring at me. I figured, I do live on a busy street (it is a main street) she is probably just looking for an address. Nope, she comes to a complete halt right in front of my place and is staring right at me. I knew she was staring at me because my front balcony is pretty high up and she was looking in my direction.  I figured it was perhaps I was outside in my pyjamas. I just smiled and waved at her. For some odd reason, she drove off rather quickly! I guess she didn't like my Jack Skellington boxer shorts! Seriously, who doesn't go outside in the summer in their pjs?

That same day, since I am still not 100% healthy yet, (I am recovering from a sinus infection and bronchitis) I get tired and cranky easily. It was getting close to my son's bedtime so he gets into these weird moods. Every two seconds he kept asking me questions. It was mommy this and mommy that. I declared temporary insanity and decided to go water my vegetable garden out back and my husband got to give him his bath. I needed a break!

As I was taking my time watering my vegetable garden, I hear knocking. My son's bedroom window overlooks my backyard. He managed to escape the bath tub to go running into his room, in his birthday suit no less to run to his window. There he was, waving and smiling at me with his junk pressed to the window. I couldn't help it. I just stood there and laughed until I had tears coming down. Such the innocence of youth! I wish I had my camera.

Monday, June 22, 2015

30 Day Goth Challenge Days 13- 18

Day 13 – What was your first band t-shirt?
My first band t-shirt and this is really embarrassing was a New kids On The Block one. I was about 11 years old when I got it. My first REAL band t-shirt was a Metallica one at 13 years old. 

Day 14 – What was your best and worst DIY disaster.
Worst disaster -When I was about 13 I had a white fishnet top with matching shorts (it had a piece of non see through fabric underneath). My mom wouldn't let me dye it black so I stole some black spray paint from the garage and painted it. It sort of worked out but the paint can be pretty toxic on the skin and my folks made me throw it away.

Best DIY disaster - bleaching black out of my hair the day before my grad photos!

Best DIY - At age 17, I knitted a whole cape with hood. It even had an inner pocket to hide my smokes! For the record, I stopped smoking 7 years ago. I feel like that I needed to add that in here.

Day 15 – Your favourite or most expensive item in your wardrobe.
Hard to tell.I guess my favourites are all my corsets and my Doc Martens. 
Day 16 – What’s the most casual you’ve ever dressed?  
Right here.  I tend to wear items like these on the weekends. Easy to take my kid places like the park.
Look, it's my big nerdy glasses. I have prescription sunglasses that make me look less dorky by the way...

Day 17 – Your favourite Goth brand. 
Sourpuss and Hellbunny!

Day 18 – Worst hair experience.
I mentioned above. I bleached black out of it. I cut my really long hair off once to donate to  Locks of Love and the woman totally mangled it

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Out of order!

Well folks, sorry for the lack of posting. It seems like it was only overnight that I developed a sinus infection and bronchitis. It hit me like a tonne of bricks and I am surviving. So I am alive, just feeling like crap. I will be posting again soon once I am well. In the meantime, enjoy this cute yet unrelated picture.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Migraine awareness

Perhaps this isn't a goth related post but I want to shed some light on this topic because I am a migraineur myself. I have been recently diagnosed with this condition but looking back, I have been suffering with migraines since I was a teen. Like the majority of people, I just thought I had sinus problems!

It seems that since I gave birth to my son, my migraines have increased and I just want to raise awareness on the subject. Hopefully, those who suffer may find some comfort and any loved ones who know someone who does suffer get a general idea of what we experience.I am frustrated over the fact that while it certainly isn't anyones fault, many people often don't realize the severity of this condition. In fact, even myself was not fully aware on how bad it can be. I joined a Facebook group called Migraine Support Group and I was surprised to read that many people suffer on a daily basis from migraines. I don't suffer that much but I can tell you that it is no picnic.

So here are some facts about migraines I thought I would like to share:

They are not just headaches.
Telling us to take some Advil and sit in a dark room does not help. Advil does not work for these "headaches". It is a very debilitating condition. Often times, people are sensitive to light and/or sound. Some people vomit and the pain is very serious. Imagine your worst headache and multiply that by 100.

Everyone has different triggers
Some people get migraines after they eat a certain food, some get them after too much sun exposure. There are many different triggers for migraines. Change in barometric pressure can also cause migraines. Extreme hot and cold does it for me!

Migraines usually last from 4 to 72 hours
They do affect everyday life and can be a leading cause for depression.

Migraine meds can actually make your migraines worse
Certain kinds of medication to treat migraine pain (such a Ibuprofen or Triptans) can actually make them worse.  if taken more than twice a week. Overuse of these medications can make your migraines come back. It is wise to check with your doctor.

Migraineurs are at increased risk of stroke. 
I have read studies that people who suffer from auras (visual disturbances) are at greater risk of strokes. I have also read studies that women using contraceptives and are over 35 years old are also of greater risk to having a stroke.

Stress is not only a trigger -
There is such thing as a "let-down" migraine. These usually happen once the stress has passed. I was getting a lot of migraines on the weekends and I had spent many of my days off feeling sick. I correlated the two and made some serious changes. At my job, I get up every 30 minutes. Sometimes it is simple,  if someone delivers something for a coworker, I go give it to them. It makes people happy and I get a chance to leave my desk. I get water (keeping hydrated is extremely important when you suffer from migraines) and I started exercising at night. At home, I learn to "let go" of constantly cleaning the house and let my husband help me.

Sexual intercourse or arousal can bring on a migraine or can ease one
Luckily for me, this isn't the case and the last thing I would want to do is have sex while I am having a migraine! Normally, people who get migraines from sex or arousal are usually young to mid-life men  and it goes away later in life.

There's a lot of misconceptions about migraines. Just like depression or mental illness, a lot of people don't always realize the severity. Just because someone doesn't look sick doesn't mean that they are not. A lot of us are very good at hiding the fact that we are unwell.

If you are a fellow migraineur like myself - don't give up or get discouraged, you got this covered! Most importantly, please try not to suffer alone. Ask for support! Put a Facebook status if you can asking for kind words or join the Facebook Migraine Support Group. I got so much help, information, advice and support by total strangers that belong to that very group! It is such a wonderful place. If anyone from Migraine Support is reading this, please know that I may not always be able to comment, I do appreciate all your help and support. For those suffering, you are in my thoughts.

If you have a loved one who suffers from this illness, give them a hand! Do the dishes, offer to babysit if they have offspring and show some support. Most importantly, if you know that someone is at home nursing a migraine or claims that they are feeling better but are still at home taking it easy, please don't call them! You don't know how many people who have texted me or even called me with their personal problems.

Thank you all for reading

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Beware of hungry escalators

Don't do a "Sylvie-ism". When taking the metro (aka Subway or Underground) make sure that any long piece of clothing  (be it a skirt or a dress or a scarf, etc) will not get caught in the escalator. I know it sounds silly but it does happen.

Friday night, I wore a long skirt with one of my long coats like so many of us do. I was distracted and just as I was getting off the escalator, my skirt got caught. I pulled really hard and ripped part of my skirt off in order to save myself. This is a stupid mistake, I was holding up my coat and thought I was also holding up my skirt too. Guess I wasn't.

I tend to laugh off any negative situations, that is just my style. I did make some wise cracks about being fortunate I wasn't wearing a thong at that time and didn't get to flash my granny knickers for all to see. These kind of matters should also be taken seriously. A year ago, a woman's head scarf got caught in an escalator and she died in Montreal. Here is the link to the article.

The end of my skirt is ruined as you can see. So please be careful and don't be a dumb ass like me!

Ignore the cat hair!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

You were better before

Before I begin this post, I would like to point out two things:

(1) In my opinion, if you dress differently, have body modifications (ie. tattoos, piercings, etc), or dye your hair an unnatural color (ie. pink, blue, etc) then you should expect to get rude comments and dumb questions. I do not get offended by these and usually try to be very polite. Sometimes I get amused by their remarks and it inspires me to write about it!

(2) Most of you by now know that there was a period of my life I left the goth scene. I went normal, still listened to the music but completely rejected my true self. As a result, now that I am myself again and have been for quite some time, lots of people have a hard time adjusting as I am sure I covered many times in this blog.

I don't take these personally as it usually speaks volumes about the other person than it really does on me.

Now that I got those two things out of the way, here is my story:

It all began a couple of weeks ago when I went to visit my mother to help her get rid of some things. My mom's neighborhood is suburban and a lot of people who reside on her street are elderly and don't have much time on their hands because they are very nosy! I know this may sound mean but every time I go to visit my mom, I am not even out of my car and they are crossing the street to talk to me! They are very nice people and it entertains me immensely! My mom is the same way too so I am sure any new homeowners appreciate the "neighborhood watch"!

As I was getting out of my car, the nice little old man from across the street comes over. He starts talking and I am politely trying to usher my mom along because I didn't want my job to take all day. He sees my tattoo and completely flips out and here goes the series of questions/remarks:

"what did you do"?
"Why did you do that?"
"Did it hurt?"
"If it hurts, why did you do it?"
"You are a woman, women are not supposed to get tattoos" - I really had to keep my anger in check for this one and remembered he is an old man from the "old country".
My all time favourite: "How much did it cost"

and now the final remark: "You were better before" He was not only referring to my pre-tattoo days (he never noticed the first one, which is much smaller on my shoulder, by the way. The second one is much more noticeable) he was also referring to the time I went normal because he kept mentioning the blonde hair and wearing colors.

Again, I am remembered where this was coming from and not wanting to alienate my mother from her neighbors (which they have been for almost two decades now) I thought it would be best to just thank him for his opinion and politely excuse myself.  I thought it would be best to walk away at this point.

This wasn't enough for my mom, though. She stepped right in and what she said to this old little man was pure gold: "You just wait right there, Sylvie. We are not done here, yet. She was NOT better before. If you knew what she was going through, it was sad. It was pitiful. She is better now. She has always been like this, the way she is now, with her clothing, hair and tattoos. She is happy now. This is my daughter. What you saw before wasn't the Sylvie I know.  It was a phase! It wasn't her at all. This is who she is now and I am proud of her"

It is funny on how usually parents say it is a phase when their kids go goth. My mom said my dressing normal was one! My mom for the win!

Here is the beautiful piece of artwork that caused it all! I was not better before, I am much better now! Thank you little old man for reaffirming this!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday

I hate mornings and more specifically, I hate Monday mornings. My alarm went off but I did not get out of bed. As a result, I had to hurry up and get ready! I just wanted to do this outfit post because I wanted to show everyone that it is OK to do the whole jeans and shirt. For the record, I rarely wear jeans.  I was comfortable today and I survived my Monday. One down and only 4 more days to go! Please excuse the boxes, we have to move them in the garage! I only noticed after the photos were taken, haha! Like always, I moved The Crow picture and it is crooked. Again, I only noticed after the photos were taken. It was an interesting photo session, I managed to lean back and slightly banged my head on the wall. I am tired and I am not in the mood to retake this photos, besides, it sort of goes with the whole manic Monday theme!  Danger proned Sylvie at it again! It may seem like I have my shit together but in reality, I don't!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Corp goth outfit

When you think you look good, you feel good and that is exactly how I felt today! Sometimes, just basic blacks and a few accessories (in this case a bat pendant and my Kreepsville666 dead girl hair pins) made the outfit. A simple outfit is great for any office, especially on days where you wake up in the wee hours with a migraine! On the plus side, I did make it a full week without having one. I guess I can't complain too much, I used to get migraines at least 2-3 times a week. Thanks to taking my migraine meds, I was still able to go to work like a trooper. I even had a  little extra spring in my step this morning because I discovered that I lost 7 pounds! I did not do this by participating in fad diets, in fact, I am eating more than I used to! I am just eating better and exercising regularly. I feel great!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Silly random thought of the day: Hello Kitty + goth?

One of my un-goth confessions is that I love Hello Kitty. A couple of years ago, I discovered I had bad allergies and was advised to put my stuffed animals from my collection away. I still have a stash of at least 70+ stuffed animals hiding away in my home right now. It is sad that I have them in storage but in a way, I am grateful. I have pets, the dust, and with having a kid who would probably constantly play with them, it is a good thing they are in storage. I sometimes take one or two out because I love Hello Kitty! In my collection, I must have over 50 pens and pencils. The pencils have not been sharpened and the pens have been all used up. I have tons of stickers and a gazillion other trinkets. I don't always have the disposable income to buy Hello Kitty stuff that much anymore and I have since taken up collecting Doctor Who merchandise but people will still surprise me with a Hello Kitty here and then. Even customers and colleagues came in with stuff to give me at my current job!

I have two Hello Kitty toasters, these are part of my most beloved collection. One stopped working (it used to also toast bagels) but I kept it! The cool part of the toaster/ bagel toaster is that it makes Hello Kitty's face on the toast. I have threatened to kick people out of my house who don't respect the rule! You have to put Hello Kitty on the outside so we can all see it!

image because I don't have much counter space and am too lazy to move stuff around!

I used to keep this obsession a secret when I was first getting into goth. I was afraid someone would call me a poseur because you know, I am supposed to be all dark and spooky 24-7.

As an adult, I noticed there are lots of goth people that admitted they like Hello Kitty. I think she can be seen more with the Lolitas but there are also friends like me who are just goth and own Hello Kitty stuff.  I guess my original paranoia  about being labelled a poseur as a kid was a little misplaced! 

As I got older and had to join the workforce, I had to tone down. As most of my readers know, there was even a time in my life where I ditched the black clothing and went completely vanilla. One thing remained true. If I couldn't express myself the way I wanted, I had Hello Kitty. Perhaps it was because I was intrigued by her cuteness or perhaps it was because I found her mysterious that always appealed to me. Think about it, she has no mouth. What is she hiding?  What is she not saying? How could I not relate to that? So my Hello Kitty collection grew and grew! I would go to meetings with Hello Kitty pens and notebooks. I had to conform for a job but something about going to work with something Hello Kitty related was..liberating. It was my proverbial screw you for making me conform! It was my secret rebellion! All my coworkers thought I was cute but they never fully saw what was hiding beneath all that cute and sweetness. Every time I looked at Hello Kitty, I saw myself!

Some items I still use around the house

It is no surprise that today, I still love the little cat who has been with me since childhood. Today, I don't need her as much as I used to but am grateful that she will always be there for me.

So yes, I like Hello Kitty, now hands off my goth card. It's mine!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Bat fit update, a wake up call and how I flip the bird at my Wii fit!
I had a wake up call. The migraines were part of it as I recently posted about here. Considering I increased my water intake,  I figured I should also change my diet a little. I noticed that my thighs were bigger than they were last year. Some of my clothing felt a little more snug than usual. I don't believe in trend diets but I simply cut out junk food and replaced it with fruits and leafy greens. It has been two weeks since I made this lifestyle change and I lost weight already!

My wake up call was not only noticing that I gained weight but when I dusted off my Wii and started using my Wii fit, I realised just how bad I let myself go. Having a videogame tell you point blank that you were overweight was upsetting.

I have been walking for over an hour every night (if the weather permits). If not, I am using my wii fit. I really missed that console. I even started playing some of my old videogames!

The really sad part, there is no excuse for me to be gaining weight. I am not trying to imply that this is a bad thing but I never weighed this much in my entire life. Ever. It is a big thing for me, I am not happy with the way I look so I am taking care of myself by eating right and by cutting back on the junk food. Don't get me wrong, I still eat sweets and fries and such, I just limit myself.

What is helping me is by keeping track of what I eat all day long.  I am actually writing down what I eat and how many calories it was. I think one of the reasons why I gained so much (we are talking 20 pounds here) was because I would forget about that cupcake I had at work then would go out to Mcdonald's or order in food for supper. I never ate much but I was definitely eating the wrong things.

 I am losing weight, slowly but surely and I am already feeling better. I do get migraines but because I was getting them so often was never normal.  I think I was getting so many migraines because it was my body's way of telling me that I need to change my eating habits. I am feeling much better already!

I still drink wine on my balcony at night when it is warm enough and I still have treats but by making better food choices and by counting calories (see your doctor before your start) is helping me.

I do have a short term goal. Once my son starts elementary school in the fall and considering I will soon no longer be able to take those evenings walks, I plan on using this change of routine in a positive light. My work has a gym, showers and fresh towels. I am going to start using it a couple of mornings every week! I will continue to use my Wii fit. I now have a personal vendetta against that game. Almost every time I step on the scale, it says "oh". I always get the impression the thing is getting crushed by my weight! The fact that it tells me I am overweight too pisses me off so now I have to prove it wrong! Once the screen is no longer telling me that I am overweight and will be set to "normal", I am going to take a photo. I think it is funny that I will be equated to being normal!

Now that I am posting this online, it does help keep me accountable. So thanks guys for reading.

Here are some credentials that my routine is working for me. This skirt was a bit snug (I checked and tried it on when i wasn't bloated and it was still snug so it wasn't because of feminine issues, just a fat arse!) and I stopped wearing it! I love my Hell Bunny skirt!I have posted pics of me wearing this skirt in the past. I think I love it so much because it was the first article of goth clothing I bought when I came back a couple of years ago. I get sentimental that way.

Let's ignore the Hello Kitty on the floor, shall we? Ignore the blue mark on my arm too, my son gave me a "tattoo" with his marker. I forgot about it, LOL

It fits and I can breathe!  I don't need to suck in my gutt either!

And because my camera sucks. Taken from the Hellbunny website.


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