Friday, May 29, 2015

Kreepsville 666 haul

My order came in a while ago and I forgot to post what I got! Some of these are now on sale so you might want to check out their website:

Sorry, bad quality
Source: Kreepsville666 website

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Babybats today vs early baby bats

I was a teenager in the mid to late nineties. I made some embarrassing wardrobe choices. In fact, if you want a good laugh, read this!

As a kid, I had some older friends take me under their proverbial goth bat wings and helped steer me in the a less embarrassing direction. I had to also work hard. I kept an open mind and valued their wisdom. I listened to what they had to say because I was new in the scene and knew that if I wanted to be part of the subculture, I should learn what it was all about. Having learned about it's roots, the music, the aesthetic, literature, I loved it and with my obsession with the macabre, I knew that I was always a goth. Back then, we had  goth stores in my area (they are still around, one of them is still open from my baby bat days!) The clothing is expensive so I had to learn how to DIY some clothing because as a teenager, I had a very limited, almost non-existent income!

Back when I was a kid, just like it is for the kids today, everyone told me it was a phase. I will grow out of it. In fact, they were right. There was a time, I went "normal" but deep down, I knew who I really was. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. That hasn't changed much from what I hear except...

Now, this is going to make me sound old. Kids today have it so much easier than we did back then. I never thought I would be giving that age old speech about "when I was your age, I used to walk in 10 feet of snow..." but here it is:

Thanks to the Internet, blogs, vlogs, how-to guides, babybats can have access to all kinds of information at their fingertips. Want to show off how goth you are? No need to learn about the subculture! Get all gothed up and earn goth cred by how many "likes" or "shares" you get.

I recently posted about my son's daycare grad photos and how I ranted about society has low standards. No need to apply yourself, as long as you tried! Well, if kids today have this kind of mentality, what about the future of the goth scene?

I guess you can say, I am jealous. Jealous that they can sit in the comfort of their homes or schools or on their mobile devices and get all this information while I had to work my ass off for the same thing. I had to find a part time job to afford all the music I wanted. How convenient it is today with youtube! There are even playlists for babybats that introduce them to music!

Kids, you have it easy and I bet you are tired of hearing this. Learn about the subculture and its roots. I know I sound like a broken record. You may not like it all and that is ok. Most importantly, while I do understand money is hard to come by,  try to put some money back into the scene.Keep it alive. Ignore the "likes" and the "shares" and experience the subculture. Go for a walk or a picnic in the cemetery, buy books/music and when you are old enough, go to a club.

I bet I sound like an ass for posting this and I have brushed up on this subject before. We will blame it on senility!  Now get the hell off my lawn and into a nice walk through a cemetery!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Oh the places he will go!

I am trying to be clever by semi quoting Dr. Seuss in my title.

When looking for daycares, I wanted to find one that focused on early childhood education.

Philip was never athletic, just like his parents. He walked at 18 months and never crawled.  He hated "tummy time" as an infant.

He did talk very early. His first word was "mama", which is something I still brag about to this day to anyone who will listen! I knew he was smart and I want to invest in his education.

I guess like most parents, I think my kid is bright and wonderful so I invested in a very expensive daycare. I knew my child needed lots of stimulation and I was impressed with their activities.

After 4 years of daycare, Philip is bilingual. He can write his name, he knows most of his alphabet, can count to twenty in English and in French! At home, he is interested in science, nature and dinosaurs. His curiosity never ends. He always wants to know "why" and "how". I am so thankful for google for providing me with answers to his never ending questions. While the cost of this daycare is a huge financial strain on the both of us, you cannot put a price tag on your child's future and happiness. Philip loves going there because he is learning new things everyday! He is the type of kid who needs that kind of stimulation, otherwise, he gets bored. I don't mean to sound snobby or like one of "those parents" who push their kids beyond their own personal limits. Believe me, if I felt like my kid hated going there and did not like that kind of environment, he would be at a different daycare!

While I previously ranted about the whole daycare grad photos, there was a special day at his daycare. It was Philip's daycare graduation ceremony (again, snorting and rolling eyes). While I never got the whole idea around putting the kid in a cap and gown, I mean it is frigging daycare,  I do think it is still an important milestone; He is going to start school. I think I am one of the few people with this in mind. So many parents made a big deal about it that the daycare had to limit seat restrictions. I originally wanted my sister and niece to attend but at $20 per person to sit in those tiny plastic chairs designed for pre-schoolers for over an hour was a little too high for my budget. Instead, there was a professional videographer there (seriously, most little kids just stood there and cried but anyways) to tape the whole thing. I much rather pay for a DVD, which is also at that price.

Sometimes I think this whole daycare thing can be a little over excessive, I still invested in his early education and I will continue to invest in his schooling. Unlike me who never wanted a career, I regret not going to university. Let's face it, no little girl dreams she will be a receptionist when she grows up! I don't care what he does or how much money he makes, there is more to life than just that. I want him to be happy. I want him to go further than I ever did. I want him to have opportunities I never had.  

 I stand my ground and find it silly that they put four and five year olds in caps and gowns, after all, my son didn't quite get the meaning of it all, it was a mark for me. He was growing up and thanks to investing in his early childhood education, he has a great start for Kindergarten in the fall.

Over the weekend, I was at my local bookstore. I saw that they had "Oh The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss so I purchased it. My plans? I am going to get the book signed by all his teachers. The day he graduates high school, I am going to hand him the book as a gift. School never was a pleasant time for me, especially High School, I am assuming it will most probably be the same for him. If you read the story, it is about life and how you will experience all sorts of things. Some will be great and some will be bad but you will pull through. I plan on writing him a very heartfelt letter to put in his book, which he will open once he graduates High School.

Now please excuse me while I get some wine while all this sinks in!  I swear, I only brought him home from the hospital yesterday!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Celebrate World Goth Day, otherwize you will be exterminated!!!!

World Goth Day was today. To be honest, I am not sure how I feel about the day. I sometimes get excited and sometimes I am usually "meh" about it. I mean, I like to think I am goth everyday! Why a day? I did like World Goth Day's Facebook page because they always post funny things. If you have not done so already, you should check out their page.

I came across this article and my views somewhat swayed a little because of this very sentence: “There are quite a few Goths who have fought damn hard to retain their identity despite peer pressure, family pressure and indeed, any pressure to conform. And if you've gone to all that trouble to preserve what you believe is the 'real you', don't you think you owe it to yourself to shine for a day?"

For those of you who read this blog, would probably know that very sentence struck home with me.

Tonight, I did not go out to a club or got all dressed up. I simply took my non-goth niece out for supper. We then proceeded to go shopping which was a fun experience. You see, we were in her neighborhood, an area I grew up in. For those of you who are locals and who read this blog would know that this area is the West Island or the Waste Island as most of us prefer to call it.

Mmmmm! Goth pops!

The Waste island is located in the good old suburbs where the majority of people are snobby! I moved out of that area in my early twenties and never fully looked back. I do return though, like today to visit family and I am always happy to return to my current home, further away!

Going to The Mall was an experience. Just like when I was a teenager, my niece and I were loud and rambunctious. Mainly because we went to HMV and were hyped up on sugar. For those of you non-Canadians, HMV reminds me of a Canadian version of Hot Topic except I never seen Tripp pants or anything that would be considered alternative clothing (or Mallgoth ware) there.  I never ventured into a Hot Topic when I go to the US so please correct me if I am wrong, I am going on heresay! HMV sells videogames, music, pop culture figurines, Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who collectibles. Anything pop culture orientated, you could most probably find there.

My niece's birthday (she is in her mid twenties by the way, long story) is approaching so aside from taking her out for dinner, I bought her some Pop Culture figurines she collects. It is not much of a surprise, I know but she collects them so damned fast! In fact, she just messaged me via Facebook because she is going back tomorrow to get Dory from Finding Nemo she saw and regretted not purchasing ealier.

I ended up buying a huge laminated poster of a Dalek. I was like a kid on Christmas morning with this purchase. I am rather short and the poster is practically my size. Here I am walking through the mall carrying this huge laminated Dalek poster shouting Exterminate every chance I get. People avoided me like the plague and gave me odd looks from a distance. Fellow Whovians nodded and smiled, they understood my important task! I called my husband to be warned that this giant Dalek poster was coming in the house. He originally thought I was going to purchase the exploding Tardis one but that will be for another time. According to my niece, a shopper looked right up at me and smiled as if he knew exactly what I was talking about. He overheard my telephone conversation! It was very windy out but I managed to lug the thing in my rather small car without it flying away and continued with my shopping.

This was me after I got the Dalek poster!

So World Goth day for me was pretty much just like any other day, except to commemorate the day, I purchased a Dalek poster.

This is what the poster looks like. We tried to take a photo of me with it but they turned out bad. Bad lighting!
With that, I leave you with "Everyday is Halloween".

Did you do anything special for World Goth Day?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Batfit Experience

I posted a while ago about my migraines and how they are affecting my life.  Well good news! They have been less frequent these days! I started drinking more water and am taking better care of myself.  With the warmer weather, I am enjoying going out for walks every night. Monday night was no exception. It rained hard and I thought it blew over.

I got pretty far from my house. I decided to play some Cruxshadows to keep me going.. It really was a scene from out of a movie. In a matter of seconds, the wind picked up and the sky got really dark. I thought to myself that despite being so far away from my home, I could still make it back before the downpour.  Ironically enough the song "Eye of the storm" came on and I knew I was in for it. With a blink of an eye, the rain started. "It's only a few drops, I will make it. Maybe it is the remaining drops from the trees" I innocently thought. Another few seconds go by and there went the thunderous downpour. I walked home in the rain. I did not have my house keys but lucky for me, I went to my back porch where I was semi-sheltered. My husband was completely oblivious to what was going on. I accidentally locked my back door but the window was still open. I simply hollered and I was rescued. It was all in good fun. I actually enjoyed being caught in the rain! Here are some humorous photos to commemorate the occasion.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Daycare grad pictures?

"Do or do not, there is no try" - Yoda

I might be considered a bad mother for posting this but I feel like I should make a social commentary. It seems to me in this day and age, rewarding a child for simply being a child is a norm. Everyone is a  winner and everyone gets trophies! It doesn't matter if you win or lose. You get a trophy for participating!  I understand that positive reinforcement works best, hell, I even have reward systems at home but there comes a time, a line has got to be drawn somewhere.

Children don't get held back in school anymore. Everyone gets rewards because they "tried". Too much emphasis is being placed on self esteem. Don't get me wrong, self esteem is a good thing but too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad.

These children are being molded under the idea that it is ok to set the bar low in life. That as long as you "tried" you get a free pass. While this may work well in elementary or even Highschool, what happens at the University level or even worse, when these kids start in the workforce? A boss is not going to understand why you are not getting your work done and how it should be ok because you "tried".

A friend of mine was telling me how proud his son was because he got 100% on a test. It was a dictation in French, The child made loads of spelling errors but because he put all the accents where they should be, he was only graded for that. He did not lose points for the misspelled words.

In my opinion, I feel that it is not solely up to the school to educate children but as a parent, we should be working with the school to ensure our children get an education. It is not the teacher's fault if my kid is failing. I should be helping with homework and finding ways to make sure my child gets any extra help that is needed.I am also prepared to encourage my son to write the misspelled words correctly even if they weren't required.

I work 40 hours a week, by the time I come home and make dinner, I am exhausted. I still find time to help him improve his skills. I want to teach my kid to aim the bar high and work hard, not for anybody else but for his own personal benefits. By working towards something, by improving skills and overcoming personal obstacles is a surefire way to improve/cater towards self-esteem. Only when there is progress, should there be a reward. Not because he tried at something. I fear for the future generations.

I want him to be the best person he can be. I want him to be someone whom he can be proud of. If that means he falls and struggles along the way, that is ok. it builds character. I don't want to protect him from every little thing and I don't want to cushion every little fall. I don't want him to fail but if that happens, it will be ok because he will know how to brush himself off and keep trying. I want to be there for him during those times of struggles and offer support. I want him to know that it is ok to be the last one to be picked at a sports team. It is ok to not get that trophy because he lost the game. Not everyone can be winners, such is the reality of life.

This rant has started because two weeks ago, at my son's daycare, a photographer came in to take "grad photos." Don't get me wrong, I am proud that he will be starting kindergarten in the fall. I am proud to watch him grow up and that he will be leaving daycare. There was a little ceremony at his school and he performed for us (they do this every year, with ALL the kids, not just the ones who will be leaving the daycare) It was hard not to bawl my eyes out and clap the loudest. I will treat him to McDonald's and we will have cake afterwards. We do this every year. On the other hand, grad photos for daycare? I already got the proof and he is really cute and I smile at the look of pride on his face. While I am pondering the fate of humanity, I know deep down, I am a sucker. We all know I am going to be buying these photos. After all, what kind of mom would I be if I didn't? That also makes me angry. That I am sort of forced by some stupid marketing gimmick to conform on society's view. I still stand my ground. I am going to do my hardest to teach him a lesson a little man in green once taught me: "Do or do not, there is not try" Thank you Jedi master, Yoda.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Playing in the dirt

For mother's day, I treated myself to a bunch of plants and flowers. I was determined to lose my gardening virginity. I never really planted before, aside from a few sunflowers from seeds at my old place. My mom gave me a few hangers and boxes so I can hang my flowers on my front balcony. She has a green thumb and even came over to help. My mom is not young, in fact, she is old enough to be my grandmother so I made her be the inspector and tell me what to do. She liked that job! It was an interesting mother's day for both of us. She got to see her grandson and got treated to a lunch and supper too! Plus she seemed happy I took an interest in something she has been doing for years.

Since I am a renter and I know the landlady pays an insane amount of money to have people come mow the yard every summer, I did not want to ruin her grass. We have a trench, sort of a ditch in my backyard. I thought how great and sustainable it would be because the rain water will fall behind there! Perfect for a mini vegetable garden! I am quite anal when it comes to sustainability. For those of you have not read my whole eco friendly nature post, you can do so here. 

The earth was old and it was very hard to dig through. I hit roots and rocks but I was determined. I enjoyed my work out. I never fully realised how physically exerting gardening can be!  I now have a very small vegetable garden, a mini herb garden and some pretty flowers that will soon bloom on my balcony. I forgot what sort of flowers I planted. They are not perennials. They are all dark purple just different sort. Ooops!

I was grateful for my SPF 60 sunblock and the huge tree in my backyard that kept me very well shaded. It was a fun afternoon of BBqing and planting.

A week later, I am still buying more flowers and vegetables to plant!

More flowers amidst my broken clothes line awaiting to be planted! They will be tomorrow!

Ignore my kid's toy bug catcher Look at the cute kitty and gargoyle I got. I told my son that the gargoyle is watching him to make sure he doesn't play in the vegetable garden! He stepped on my cucumber plant and I got another one just in case it doesn't grow. Little rascal!

Before the cheap crappy fence but serves a purpose came in!
I bought a crappy mini fence in hopes the lawn people who come to mow the lawn and the kid will be careful. So far, success!

I even put the card thingy the plants came with so I remembered what the hell I planted!

Mini herb garden in planter. The one on the left was my son's Earth day project he planted beans.

This is the trench.

There will be flowers. I threw out the cards! Don't remember what they will look like but meh.

Who knew a $20 toy from Ikea could come in handy for nap time? It was hilarious, every time he moved, the tent did too! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Silly random thought of the day: Committing fashion faux-pas and why I snark at the "experts"

Dressing alternative can give you some freedoms you thought you never had. I dress goth for many different reasons: I like black, doing laundry is so easy because there is no need to separate the darks from the lights/colors! It is a means of self expression since I have a love for the darker things in life. I also dress goth because not only do I love the music, I really adore the aesthetic. Back when I dressed normal, I never saw myself as attractive but I must admit, my self confidence has improved since I came back.

Lastly, another thing I like about being/dressing goth is the non-conformity. Reading and watching shows/articles along the lines of "What Not To Wear" and  "What clothes should I wear in my thirties" really rots my socks. These articles showed up on my Facebook news feed the other day and I take it that the interwebs are trying to tell me something. Out of curiosity, I read those articles and I began to laugh.

I laughed because I committed so many "fashion faux-pas" and the whole tone of the articles made me laugh even more. Basically, if I do not conform to these "rules" no one will take me seriously, after all, a woman my age should dress the part. I should have a look of maturity to me.  Me and maturity? The idea behind that also makes me laugh!

I wore this to work. Every single item here are listed in these articles Oh no! Call the fashion police!
My advice: Ignore that hogwash. I wear what the hell I want. It's simple: if people don't like it, they don't have to look. No one should tell you what you should put on your body and I am tired how society often feels that we are a bunch of Lemmings, mindlessly going about, bumbling along. If the so call "experts" tell you that you shouldn't wear something you love, you should blindly listen. You like something? You think it looks good on you? Screw the "rules" and wear the damned thing! I am tired of being told that the only way to succeed in life is to conform and any stamp out any creativity or free thought.

My weekend outfit. Again, I am wearing things I shouldn't. Like leggings, a graphic t-shirt, my skirt and boots. I should wear jeans, shiny polished sneakers and a plain top to take my kid to the park. Screw that.

All our lives, we were told as children to be ourselves, why does this have to change as an adult? What kind of example are setting for our children?We have to sell out?

So yes, I will wear my leggings and tutu-skirts, I will wear my Doc Martens and bedazzled tank tops. If you think I am immature .... well you started it! If people just got the pole removed from their behinds and minded their own business, instead of being concerned over clothing someone wore, the world would be a much better place!

Life is too short to live by such constricting rules. If you want to laugh and see how you commit these heinous crimes, here is a link to two articles I found:  and

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bat fit update post - living with migraines

warning: this blog post may have some foul language, younger readers please be advised!

Hello there dear readers,

I have not forgotten about my Bat fit goals. In fact, my exercises were going really well until I got a cold, which turned into bronchitis last winter. This lasted for over a month. Afterwards, I was hit with a series of chronic migraines that affected my morale. In fact, it affected my personal and work life too. I was very depressed over it because I like to think that I am the type of person that is full of life; Despite how I feel, I grab life by the horns and I plough through. I was unable to do just that and it made me feel like a horrible wife and mother. It is so hard to tell your child that you can't play with him because you have a migraine.

I FINALLY found a regular family doctor, which is something that is very rare in these parts. I was relying on the clinic to treat these migraines but I need someone to follow up with me.  Again, I was super lucky, I finally found a family doctor who was taking new patients. He is an old, no-nonsense sort of man but he is good and very thorough.

Apparently, I could have a vitamin deficiency which could be causing these chronic, almost daily migraines. So I am on vitamins. I am getting less migraines!

I was told, in the meantime, to keep hydrated, which I don't do enough of to begin with. I have been drinking more water.  I am seeing some positive results.

I kept complaining about a very stiff neck, especially in the spring and the fall. The doctor said my migraine meds only treat the head pain and advised me to take an anti-inflammatory (such as Advil) for the neck pain. I have been getting a lot less migraines. We both suspected the migraines kept coming back because of my neck pain.

I am glad to be seeing progress so far. I am waiting another week before I re-start my exercise regime. I have been eating healthy and with the warmer temperatures, I have been out walking more often at night. The heat and the sun are major migraine triggers for me so I am careful. My yard is well shaded too and my sunglasses have always been my best friend.I even started a mini garden last weekend so expect some posts! I am losing my garden virginity!

It is not easy living with chronic pain. I used to get sporadic migraines but it seems with age and especially since childbirth, they have become more frequent. I am learning to cope and find ways to reduce them as much as possible. So much, there is success.

The important part, I feel better and feel good about myself physically.

I am taking baby steps but hopefully I can reduce these migraines by at least 25%, maybe even 50%. So far the water and the vitamins seem to be working. I go back to my doctor's in July with updates and for tests. In the meantime, I downloaded this great migraine app for my smartphone called migraine buddy. It helps you track them. I highly recommend it! Hopefully, a simple lifestyle change is in order, otherwise, I maybe put on preventives and possible disability, which I really don't want to go that route. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Outfit of the day

Temperatures are rising really fast here and we are experiencing summer weather. It has been a very cold, brutal winter and while I am not a big fan of summer, I must admit, I am welcoming the warmer temperatures. I wanted something flowy and came up with this super comfy outfit. You can see my blonde roots, I am planning on a touch up soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Standing out at the playground

With the spring temperatures rising, I have been outdoor more often. I have either been BBQing, going for long walks or enjoying going to the playground with my little one. For those of you who remember, this is the very same playground that has the "water splash" where my little one also plays in during the summer.

Going to the playground, even in my work clothes can raise a few eyebrows! Some people don't notice but there are a few parents that looked at me oddly.  I just smile at them, wish them a good day and go about my business.

By going about my business, I mean I actually play in the playground. I go down the slides and push my kid on the swings. Sometimes, I leave my husband to mind the little one while I wander off  to go play on the spinny thing! I am smiling and laughing and having just as much fun as the other kids are having. Sometimes, the people staring at me start to smile and laugh at the big kid in the park. Life is too short to be serious all the time. I have fun playing with my kid.

I'm gonna push you mommy right up to the sky! Hold on tight!


Monday, May 4, 2015

An excuse to show off my fandom.

image source:

Voltaire once coined himself as a Jedi in Sith clothing and I can usually relate to that too. Today is May 4th, also known as Star Wars day. To commemorate the occasion,  I decided to show off my fandom!

 While I may not necessarily wear any sith-like clothing today, I think I look rather cute and geeky. I even went to work like this! I wish the weather would have cooperated but it started to rain when I got home, plus my little one was sick so we took indoor photos instead. I think the photos would look cooler if they were taken outdoors as originally planned but you do what you have to do!

oops, my picture is crooked! I moved it by using The Force!

the bandana I am wearing!
Love these shoes. I hate wearing them because I like them so much, I don't want to ruin them!

Tonight will be spent watching Star Wars. While I certainly do wish I could watch the entire series, I know that is not feasible when I have work the next morning. I guess it will be The Return Of The Jedi. Last Saturday, the local comic book shop was giving out free comics but I was unable to attend, maybe next year. May the 4th be with you!

Do you do anything for May 4th?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cemetery of Église St-Laurent

Those native to Montréal and who attended Vanier College would know that there is a cemetery surrounding the college. I originally wanted to go to this Cegep (pre-university program here in Quebec, you do two years of Cegep after Highschool before entering University) because of the close proximity to home and the cemetery! In the end, I changed programs and opted for the college downtown because I wanted to be downtown!

Originally, Vanier College was a convent back in the late 1800's and was later converted into the Cegep in the 1960's.

The first section of the cemetery is where all the older graves are located and the  newer ones  can be found in the back. We felt pretty uncomfortable walking towards the back there on Sunday when people were visiting the graves of their loved ones.

Again, the weather was bearable and we decided visit the next local cemetery that is in close proximity to our home. This was that cemetery.

The highlight of the trip: We thought one of the mausoleum's doors were open. Upon further inspection it wasn't. My husband gave me shit because I wanted to go in! 

 Located on the right hand side, almost hidden are very modest grave markers. This is where all the nuns, priests, and monks were buried.

Oh no! They killed Santa, those bastards!


this is where the nuns, priests, are buried.

Can we go now, mom?


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