Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The dog days of summer

So a fellow blogger by the name of Curious Professor Z has challenged us with a homework assignment. Like a good little "student", I am handing mine in! The topic is the Dog Days of Summer.

This year, we have not had much of a summer here in Montreal. We had several very hot, high humid days but I feel like it was unseasonably cool and it rained a lot.

 My little one has been enjoying the kiddy pool in the backyard when it was hot enough to do so. My neighborhood does have a pool, which we can have access to and it is right up the street but there is an age limit when it comes to small children. I think it is children under the age of 5 are not allowed. On the other hand, the park up the street has water sprinklers for the wee ones and my son loves going there. We go there quite often in the summer time because it cools him down, he plays, gets soaked and sleeps like a log! Woohoo!


That being said, just when it was bloody hot out, we all went to the "water splash" as he calls it. I didn't take him long but he learned to aim that cannon just the right way and I got soaked! It was all good fun. I do have a parasol to keep shaded but parasols are not practical for going to the playground/water splash with a three year old. I got this cute hat at.....drum roll... Walmart of all places! I paid a whopping 9.00$ for it! I feel very elegant (despite the shorts and Star Wars t-shirt) while wearing it!
Aiming the cannon at me... little bugger!

I am getting soaked. This is war!

 I am leaving you with an outfit post too. This is a new shirt I purchased at H&M on sale! It is a medium, which feels rather large but it kept me quite cool when I wore it two weeks ago. The temperatures soared to 29 degrees Celsius  (which felt like 34 with the humidity). For those of you who work under Fahrenheit, that is 84 Fahrenheit but it was really 93 with the humidity. We had much worse a couple of weeks ago and I always hate the high humidity! The skirt is nice and flowing. I ordered it from goodgoth.

Looking back at these pictures, I can't help but stare in amazement that both my son and I are still pretty darned pale. I like to thank SPF 60 sunscreen and the huge tree that shades pretty much my entire back yard! 

The shoes have seen better days, although you cannot see from the picture.. I think getting soaked in the water splash help polish them up!  I think they are Demonia but I am not sure. I think they were written on the in-soles but I wore those out and replaced them!  I think they are super cute and comfy. Perfect for this weather because my feet swell (a lovely gift I inherited since I became pregnant with my son) and heels make it hard for me in this weather.

It was a long day, I am not smiling! I am not always a stick in the mud!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A squee worthy event - I got Voltaire's new album!

I am a pretty big Voltaire fan and when I read the announcement on Facebook that he was coming out with a new Deathrock album called Raised By Bats, I was quite excited. When I read about his Indiegogo campaign where fans can help contribute to the making of the album, I was on board. Making an album is very expensive and I wanted to be sure he would come out with this Deathrock album, I was super stoked! I purchased the "Christmas Bat Deluxe" campaign which involved receiving the signed and personalised album by Voltaire and the signed Candy Claws Bat Plush. I really do hope he comes out with his "Legend of Candy Claws" book soon. I really want to read that to my son! I will probably end up buying a second plush for him. Already, I am not letting him play with the batty because I don't want him to accidentally rip the tag off! As a "Special Secret Surprise" for my husband, I also contributed towards the "Batcave VIP" campaign where he received a personalized CD.  He definitely said that I got cool wife status on that one!

Through out making the album, Voltaire put up links to his Soundcloud page to hear clips from the songs. I did not want to hear anything in advance, I wanted to be pleasantly surprised so I resisted the urge to go listen! He did not disappointment me and it was well worth the wait. His new album is AMAZING. If you like Deathrock and that 80's sound, BUY HIS ALBUM. You can look him up on CD Baby and I-Tunes! 

One thing I love about Voltaire is that he is really good to his fans. He is very active on Facebook, takes the time to read fan comments/posts and replies back to most of them. Not very many musicians do this! I was pretty stoked when I saw that he replied to one of my comments earlier this week. He puts up his music for free on his Youtube page as well. So guys, please be polite when commenting/posting! Not all musicians do this and this is one thing we should not take for granted. I think it is really cool that he takes time out to do that!

When I really like an artist, I support them. They work hard for a living so I buy their music! I know I can easily access any song and download it for free, thanks to the interweb but having dated many musicians in the past, I see the blood, sweat and tears come out while making an album. Not to mention, studio time is very expensive too.

I like every single song on this album. I can't really say I have a favourite song, they are all so wonderfully constructed but one song in particular stands out for me. Voltaire sometimes makes references to Edgar Allan Poe in his music but when I heard the song "The Conqueror Worm" from his new album. I felt something familiar about it. It is hard for me to really listen to music at home with a small child so after I dropped my son off at daycare, I blasted the song in my car while driving to work. Yes, I was right! He turned Poe's poem into a very beautiful song. My little black, gothic heart skipped a beat! I was overjoyed!

The cool thing about Raised by Bats is that other major gothic artists have also contributed to this album. To name a few,  Rogue from the Cruxshadows did backing vocals, Chibi from The Birthday Massacre as well. Knox Chandler (Siouxsie and The Banshees) plays guitar. There are many more.

Another thing I like about Voltaire, his last album, Bitrektual were all Star Wars and Star Trek song parodies! I love listening to that on my way home after a bad day at work because the songs are hilarious! He even did a song about Doctor Who called Bigger On The Inside and it is absolutely brilliant. Voltaire is definitely a varied artist and I like that about him! His songs do not sound the same! Not only does his music appeal to my black little gothy heart, they also appeal to my geeky heart as well!

This really made my week. It was not a very good one. I had to go to the dentist yesterday in an emergency. My last remaining Wisdom Tooth became infected. I am now on Antibiotics and will be getting it removed once the infection goes away. It hurts like hell and when I woke up this morning, I had sexy chipmunk cheeks from the swelling! I now have a cute, cuddly plush to make me feel better too!

So if you have not done so and you are not familiar with Voltaire, I highly recommend you visit his Youtube page here. He also does "Noose letters" where he updates his fans on what he has been doing, sometimes answers fan questions, has contests, etc. It is a lot of fun and ladies, he sure is pretty darned cute too! 

Enough fangirling for now, here is what I received:

I just want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Bucket List

I am not afraid to die. To me, death is just another adventure.  That is what I believe in, anyway. There are some things I would like to do before I do pass on so I have created my own bucket list! I know I can be considered to be pretty young, I am healthy enough, I shouldn't have to think about such things but I do. You never know, I could get hit by a bus! This way, hopefully, I could accomplish these things before I kick the bucket so I won't have any unfinished business. I really don't want to come back to haunt you all!

Source:Beetlejuice, google images

#1) Go to Whitby Goth Weekend. I went to England when I was twelve years old but we never went to Whitby. From what I seen in pictures and heard, it is a very beautiful place to visit. Extra points because there is a whole weekend devoted to the goth scene!
#2) Go to Bats Day at Disney Land in California! I read somewhere that while it is an unofficial day, gothlings from all over go to celebrate. How cool is that? The park apparently even caters to the goth community and profits by it by selling various darkly inclined merchandise (I am assuming Nightmare Before Christmas and Maleficient) If you want to read more, click here

#3) Get a novel or short story published by an actual publisher

#4) Buy my own house. If I do have any unfinished business or grow particularly attached to my own home, what better place to haunt, right? Seriously, I have been living in apartments since I left home. I have been doing this for 10 years. I want my own place. I am tired of giving my money to someone else. I am also notorious for getting crazy neighbors. If I had my own home, I could just go in my house or tell them to get off my lawn! 

#5) Watch my boy grow up

Source:Beetlejuice, http://favim.com/image/74067/

I know there are only five things here but in all honesty, I think I have lived a pretty fulfilling life already. I made tons of stupid mistakes, probably will make tons more but you know what? I don't regret any moment of it! Despite all the stupidities, madness, pitfalls, I have a husband, a human child and 2 feline fur babies whom I cherish very much. I am pretty content with the life I have created for myself thus far.

While I am pretty sure some of you seen this before, I will leave you with this because it is cute and funny! It just makes me want to go to Whitby that much more!

These are the credits I got off of the Youtube page:

Published on Nov 27, 2012
Whitby Gothic Weekend - Parody of GANGNAM STYLE
Original Concept, Psy-a-like, Editing: Graeme.
Editing, hangovers: Tim Sinister - www.theblogginggoth.tumblr.com
Sound Engineering: Wolfgang Wellington Winchester.
Cameras: Tim Sinister, Pyromancer - www.revival.stormshadow.com

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This is Corp Goth Mid-month status report

The Lovely Trystan at This Is Corp Goth has presented us with the whole "The Summer In The Office " theme  and how we survive. Usually, in my office, we either freeze or bake but luckily for me, the temperature in my area of the office this year is perfect. I can work in a t-shirt and be comfortable.

 I do wear lots of long skirts and yes, I complain when it gets stuck in my chair's rollers but who cares! Perfect when I don't want to wear pants or shorts because I haven't shaved my legs! My secret is out!

How I survive the hot days? I got a car last summer and having AC was a prerequisite. On extreme high heat days with crazy high humidity, I would turn up the AC and use my remote starter to cool it down! This was also handy in the winter when it was cold outside and I would have a nice warm car!  I remember the days where I took public transit, especially when I lived downtown. I used to call the Subway "The Inferno" during the summer months. I was also always the lucky one to sit next to someone who has not discovered deodarant too. Go me! Having a car is handy. We never thought we would get a second car but it sure is convenient when you have a child in daycare while you work! . I get home at a reasonable hour which means more time with my little guy!

At my office, I usually keep a hoodie just in case it becomes too cold. I also have a space heater at my desk but I use that more in the winter months when the front door is constantly being opened and closed.There are perks when you are front reception!

My baby! Look Batties!

Something I wear frequently to the office. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tattoos, Piercings, dress codes, oh my!

I am very lucky that my current job is pretty easy going with the dress code and are subculture friendly. Most people are super down to earth and my office is pretty laid back. I have borrowed my colleague's scooter (not a Vespa but you know, a skateboard with handlebars!) and scooted around the office in my platforms! People are known to skateboard around and I really like that sort of atmosphere. Clients seem to like it too!

I had a conversation with a friend of mine about my visible tattoos and piercings. The main topic was company dress code and what would I do if I ever left my current job and worked in a more conservative place.

In the past, when I had less work experience, I took out my nose stud for a job.  I wore suits and even went completely "normal" for jobs. I don't think I could personally do that again, even if it meant a better salary.

I feel like I am at a point in my life, where I have enough experience under my belt, I can be picky with where I work. I would not want to work for a company that is too conservative. In the past, I worked in the financial service industry where dress codes were pretty strict but my boss was OK with me having bright red streaks in my hair.  I wore a lot of dark colored dress shirts, dressy boots, and pin stripped suits. When I left, I worked in places where they had a more casual dress code which was a challenge for me so I went "normal" with lots of gothic undertones.

 I started working where I am now and stopped the charade. I wear what I want, within reason. Club wear is obviously unacceptable. I do sometimes wear my Hell Bunny skirt or my red leopard print mini that has D-Rings hanging off of it (both worn with leggings since they are quite short) and no one ever mentioned anything about it. My main dress code, however, does consist of wearing mainly black with a plain top and a nice skirt.

This is the skirt! Source: http://store.vampirefreaks.com/product.php?pid=5055

I guess I got used to a company culture where people can skateboard around and most of us have visible tattoos and piercings. I have seen people wear skull shirts, Metallica shirts, and ripped jeans. I do not wear these things so I think the occasional crazy skirt is acceptable!  In all honesty, I think I am more productive because I am not stressed about covering up my tattoos in the morning. I worked through college so I never was able to have that labret piercing until now. My half sleeve on my arm was done last summer.  It is nice that I can have that. If ever I was given an opportunity elsewhere, I think I would cover up the tats and would add some color to my appearance but I would not remove the piercing. It is a very small stud and to be honest, you would have to look closely to notice it.

I like to think I am at a point where I don't need to completely sell out. I think I am toned down enough (with the exception of the occasional fun skirt) and going back to a strict company dress code after so many years of being spoiled, I don't think I ever could!

This is me though and I do understand that it may not be for anyone. I was never one that wanted a career. I am happy and actually like doing administrative work! I am not one to sit in meetings on a daily basis, but I do so occasionally. I hate public speaking and dealing with people in general. I consider myself to be a little on the introverted side but do understand that I have to learn to adapt if I want to function properly in this very extroverted world! Working behind the scenes suits me fine.  I have always been the "regular job" type girl. I knew since I was a teenager that I wanted a family. I like the 9-5 gig because it enables me to be home. I rarely work overtime. I don't need to travel in my position, although if ever I was given the opportunity, I might take it but I wouldn't want to be on the road as often as some of my colleagues.  I have time to concentrate on my hobbies and even plan on taking some jewellery making courses for fun! I like being creative and am at my happiest doing artsy things! I may not make a stellar salary but I am pretty well paid at the moment. I can live quite comfortably. The great thing is, there is always a high demand for people like me, it also helps that I am bilingual!  It really doesn't take much to make me happy!

What is your calling? What sort of career do you have?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Advice I wish I received when I was a Baby Bat

The inspiration for this post is what kind of advice I would give to my baby bat self.  What would future Sylvie tell little baby bat Sylvie? First and foremost, do not and I repeat, do not use Halloween makeup. It is cheap, it clogs pores and I ended up looking like a mime.

It is fine to experiment with makeup but do so in the privacy of your own home. There were many times it looked like I fell into a makeup box and I went out in public

Woolen capes can look nice but do not over do it. Also, they should be worn in the winter, not in the middle of a heatwave!

DO NOT SHAVE YOUR EYEBROWS! - I thought it looked cool except the shaved brow and re-penciled look never looked right on me. I tried penciling them in many different ways. I had more experienced friends (both goth and non) to help me and I just ended up looking ridiculous. This is for me, really. If you want to do it, go right ahead but I do advise to partially shave them off and then pencil them in. This way. if you don't like the look, you won't have to wait for them to grow back. Perhaps my makeup skills at that time needed some tuning but I have never attempted this move again. I never will.

Thrift stores were and still are my best friend. Learn to sew better because many times a lace trim I added easily came undone.

Crow makeup, unless you plan on dressing like Eric Draven for Halloween, it has been overdone. Do not go out in public. To anyone else, if this makes you happy, then by all means do so but please note, there many within the subculture that kinda frown upon that. Don't get me wrong, I love the Crow. I read the comics and own all the movies and seen them many, many times. In fact, the Crow was one of the first links I had towards the goth subculture. It holds a special place in my heart and maybe this is why it is so overdone?

Swirly eyeliner is cute but do it properly. Sometimes less is more.

Do not attempt to bleach black out of your hair the night before an important event. Make sure you have ample time to run to the store to buy more bleach or a hairdresser to fix it. Trust me.I did not do it properly either.My roots went white, the rest went yellow, the ends went a bright red that darkened to black. It looked like a science experiment gone wrong. My godfather wanted me to go blonde for the photo session that was scheduled for the next day and offered to pay me a generous amount of money to do it. Being a teenager, I thought about all the CDs/tapes and clothing that I could buy from the local gothic store. I did not even consider that this could go wrong. Being the stereotypical night owl, I did this at 10:00pm on a weeknight when all the stores were closed. We do not have a 24 hour Walmart here like they do in some places in the US. I was up the creek without a paddle because the next day was picture day at school. It gets better. I was graduating high school and my grad photos were taken. They did not offer retakes. Funny, my parent bought the photos of me wearing the graduation cap but my dad having a sense of humour, bought a couple, including a huge photo (11x17) without the cap as a reminder to never, ever attempt a stunt like that again.

If I wear a lock around my neck à la Sid Vicious style, DO NOT lose the key. My father was not too impressed when he had to get tools from his workshop in the basement to remove it, We were late for the funeral. I could of changed but he was afraid of it showing,

Don't worry, the baby bat phase will end. Perhaps you will "grow out of it" as some of our folks think or you may not. You could be like me and dropped the clothing for a while and came back. Either way, with time and practice, you will have a more sophisticated look and hopefully look back at your younger years with a smile. To this day, I still thank those older gothy people that took me under the bat wings and steered me in the right direction. It doesn't mean you should take everything any elder goths say to you to heart, whether it is mean or not, it is sometimes helpful to take criticism as positive criticism. 

 I hope this post made you laugh. I sure had fun writing it!

Sadly, I do not have any photos but I do have a cute photo of my new corset I got, which I am more than happy to put up as compensation, oh well, we don't always get what we want dear readers!


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